Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Surprised even me

Time magazine, once substantial and important --they published the first "letter to the editor" I ever wrote, when I was 14-- is now just a step up from Newsweek.

On their shortlist for 2012 "Person of the Year"?

Undocumented Americans.

That's right. Not illegal aliens. Not undocumented immigrants.
Undocumented Americans.

I propose that from now on, all Mexicans be referred to as
Future Americans.

Why not?

I recommend that in the houses or apartments of each of the Time-istas who came up with the crap, we move in several of the Undocumented Americans and tell them that from now on they have to refer to Jose and Maria and Diego and Rosa as Undocumented Members of the Family.

PS. They have made up their minds and chosen Barry Hussein O.

A documented alien.

So it all pans out.


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