Thursday, December 27, 2012

Raising the bar

I believe I have mentioned my eyerolling response to the inflated goals that so many do-gooders now feel must be their default position. Liberalism, after all, is driven by a passion for solving problems of suffering. Solving problems. Making them go away. Entirely. Forever.

Just to show good faith, you must promise the impossible.*

Good luck with that.

My two most recent examples. A Christian project --and being Christians, they really ought to know better than to fall for utopian lingo in this fallen world-- derived from Habitat for Humanity: a community of cyclists dedicated to ending poverty housing worldwide. Cyclists. Ending. Poverty Housing. Worldwide.

Mother of God.

And the other was an offer of a retirement investment program that would help to end animal cruelty.

Well, you know, animals have to fight for their survival and carnivorous animals have to kill just in order to eat at all, so I don't think it's really fair to call them cruel when they are simply acting out their God-given nature.

Oh. What? Oh.

Oh, that means human cruelty to animals?

*And since liberalism absolutely requires a constant supply of suffering situations to solve, it really behooves them to choose insoluble ones. That way they will always be needed and have work to do.



Anonymous said... wasn't Roseanne Roseannadanna who got the nooz confoozed, it was Emily


DrAndroSF said...

U r correct, sir. Thanks. Corrected.

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