Sunday, December 09, 2012

Equality means

switching places.

Massa Jamie

Black comedian and actor Jamie Foxx, who is worth $85 million dollars, thought it would be funny to talk about his pleasure in playing an otherwise "whack" role where he could get "to kill all the white people." His SNL White Liberal audience also thought it was funny.

Voltaire's Razor: To know who your real masters are, find out who you are not allowed to criticize. The corollary is that you know who your real masters are when they insult you and you have to laugh and keep your mouth shut. Yes, massa, very funny, massa.

Fifty years of Rainbow Freedom. Thanks, Dr. King.

Here's my reactionary thought for the day. If you cannot insult a group of people, call them rude and offensive names, then they are more powerful than you are. In terms of simple human nature, that's a huge sign of status. And status is one of the three jewels (with apologies to Buddhism) that Liberalism seeks to wrest from Whites and transfer to Blacks, the other two being power and wealth.

The game is far along.

White privilege indeed.


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