Friday, December 14, 2012

It'll never be time

One of the career harridans from the National Catholic Reporter ("Where It's Always 1968!") makes her case for the ordination of women deacons in the Catholic Church.

It’s Time | Commonweal magazine:

Ex Cathedra knows something about the history and theological arguments, but his real reason for opposing this is that the Catholic/Orthodox priesthood is an all-male club, one of the last remaining the West. An anchor of patriarchy in a religion which already contains a dangerous dose of the feminine.

The simple fact is that women always dismantle any male institution to which they are given entry, turning it into something quite hostile to males and opposed to its original purpose, serving instead the purposes of the feminine.

The writer gives the game away near the end of her piece. This is an obsession of privileged and terminally discontented First World feminists.
But if reconciliation with the women of the church—especially with the women of the church in the United States and the developed world—is an issue of interest, then ordaining women as deacons becomes a genuine necessity. 
She earlier quotes, with an implied sense of dumbfounded outrage, a conservative Catholic nun-theologian who holds the astonishing position that women seeking ordination are seeking power. Shockah.

"Reconciliation" through ordination means placating and appeasing a group who are never placated or appeased. Can't be done. Doing it would be seen by them as a peace offering, a gesture of repentance, an admission that they had been victimized. This, of course, only emboldens them. Women deacons would only be vectors for infecting the whole body. On a parish level (but not only that) women dominate the agenda.

Anyone who believes that this would satisfy Catholic feminists and lead them to drop their demands for priestly ordination is a fool. Deacons today, bishops tomorrow. Just ask the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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