Saturday, December 15, 2012

Speaking of race

My own peeps, as it were, though not vampires on the national psyche*, certainly can play out their own talents at the effects of original sin: darkened minds, weakened wills, damaged hearts.

Edward Burns lays out, once again, the particular MAD style of the NY Irish American brand.

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

(Angela's Ashes with money. Canadian version here.)

One scene even shot outside the church where I went to grade school.

World-class selfishness. Arrogant even in repentance.
Flashes of brain in oceans of denseness.
The roller coaster between sentimentality and hardness of heart.

In fact, a very Catholic movie.


*A devoted reader challenged this assumption by mentioning the Kennedys, Biden and Maureen Dowd. A sad point well taken. But I was speaking, as usual, of the overall behaviors of groups. Ted Kennedy, thru his involvement with the 1965 Immigration Act, has my vote for Worst Of The Lot.


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