Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Fill In The Blank

The coralling and sidelining of Christmas started quite a while ago . It continues apace, with Happy Holidays being the PC greeting, lest the 20% of the population not Christian be excluded or offended.

Rule by aggrieved minority. Insane.

It's just one symptom of the metastasizing of Liberalism that eventually eradicates its host culture and people. Which is White people and Western civilization. No other group on earth would be so foolish to believe it.

Every "advance" for Blacks and Browns and Yellows, for Women, for Non-English Speakers, for LGBTQs,    for illegal aliens, atheists, etc. as been at the expense of and to the detriment of any group that held a previously prior place. Whites. Males. English-speakers. Straights. American citizens. Christians. You name it.

Liberalism is a zero sum game masquerading as liberation. Every gain of theirs is a loss for you. And the game is far from over.

Just ask Al Sharpton's guest, Harry Belafonte.


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