Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Declining on film

A 2012 light comedy with a strong satiric edge, Gayby.

(I know. Why the hell do I watch these things?)

Reaching 30, two single friends in NY, gay man who works in a comic book store and a straight girl who teaches Bikram yoga, decide to have a baby together. The old fashioned way. Which we get to watch. Several times.

Their facial reactions are pretty much what mine were.

Of course, both of them then meet alluring partners. And other complications, etc. (Didn't Will & Grace play this game?)

The straights are sorta anocranial: self-absorbed artists, New Age stoners, borderline style sisters. The gays, except the lead and his serendipitously discovered crush,

 are all completely predictable cartoon cutout queens: one could be a bitchy Blackadder, the other has a Bear physique with the soul of an off the rack drag queen.  Aside from the updated clothes, they could fit right in with Boys In The Band.

All very multicultural and interracial and chill and groovy. Psych star Dule Hill makes an appearance. Their most judgmental category is "not cool."

Although the Bear Queen does rip down a poster at the LGBTQA* Center which advertises a Republican meeting, making clear that he hates certain people so much that they don't deserve a place even in a big tent community. (The predictability continues).

One thing I notice is that for both the straights (male and female) and the gays (male and femmy) sex is a matter completely without mystery or numinosity or awe. Without either shyness or taboo either in language or in action, it has all the magic of brushing your teeth.

Is this progress?

*They don't know what the A stands for either.



Anonymous said...

"I know. Why the hell do I watch these things?"

You know, you wouldn't be the first Ex Cathedra to be criticized for indulgences.

- the Bishop of Portland

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Nicely done,Lord Bishop.

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