Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Actors and Prostitutes

With apologies to prostitutes.

I like Daniel an actor. Which is what he does and is.
He's the first 007 since Connery who credibly projects lethality.
Even though his boss is a girl. But that's not his fault
And he actually falls in love with a girl, something Sean C
never did.
Maybe his heightened physical masculinity is supposed to balance
out his increasing vulnerability to females?

But back in 2008, which now seems both personally and
civilizationally as pretty well The Final Act, Mr Craig told
an interviewer that Obama would make a better Bond than

Maybe in the cocktail lounge. But as Steyn points out,
The Affirmative Action Community Organizer has never
really done anything in his life but talk.

I am no fan of McCain as a politician, but as a soldier
he stands on a mountain neither O nor ExC can even see
the top of.

I regularly remind my readers that in most societies,
actors held the social status of prostitutes.
Not a bad idea.

It is deeply foolish to look for political wisdom, or wisdom
of any kind, really, from people whose major gift is making believe
they are somebody else.

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