Friday, August 26, 2011

Nuns on the run

The LCWR, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, is the joint body of all the ecofeminist sisters' congregations dying off in the US. They published their annual report.

Their initiative for "young leaders"....under 60.

And an example of the bloviating language that infects the whole 30 page document.

The words "Jesus" and "Christ" appeared only once, and together, in noting that the LCWR had gotten an award for service to his Gospel,...

I'm not a racist...

but ...

Not to put too fine a point on it.

Speaking of Afro-Caribbeans...the largest proportion of Blacks in England are Jamaican. In Toronto, when an analysis was done of the typically disproportionate rate of criminality by Blacks, it was found that the vast majority of those were...Jamaican, residents of a country with one of the highest murder rates on the planet.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cyber irritation

Came across a group today campaigning to make "illegal" into "the i word", a word that no one should use. Their slogan, of course, is "No One Is Illegal".

Let's get a group together and invade their homes and let them know we're grateful that they won't call the cops because "No One Is Illegal".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Historical revenge

Next time someone intones "Hiroshima" as a self-evident condemnation of American or Western civilization, all I'll have to say back is "Nanking".

De motu populorum

I remember sitting in class in seminary, my mind wandering, and reflecting of how much human misery is caused by human migration. People showing up right next to you whom you do not like and who do not like you. I wondered why there was not a branch of moral theology on The Movement of Peoples, De Motu Populorum.

Came to mind again this morning, with a piece about NY Liberal Jew Roger Cohen's encounter with London anti-Semitism. The piece reminds us that in 1290 the English expelled all the Jews from Britain.

The knee-jerk position is that this was an evil act. Well, it was certainly bad --in the short term-- for the expelled Jews. But my question is this: if there is a group which is going to be subjected to the dislike of the natives through all sorts of misery, including it kinder to let them stay or to send them somewhere else?

Good fences make good neighbors.

We seem to think that countries (most especially White Western countries) have no right to refuse entry to any particular ethnic or religious group. Wouldn't that be racist?!

The wrong question. And a stupid one.

People live in groups, tribes, nations, with those like them, not at meetings of the UN General Assembly. It is in fact unkind to put people into danger by letting them live next or or among other peoples who despise them. What ever gave anyone the idea that any human group could live well with any other human group?

Take Israel, for example. Imagine how easy it would be for a non-Jew to emigrate there. And why should it be? It's a Jewish state.

And the moral rule now is that White Westerners have to make believe they are happy about this "diversity" which bumper stickers tell is "is our strength". It would be far more charitable and real to make immigration policy based entirely on the needs and welfare of our own country, without the slightest regard for the so-called moral issues of racism, etc.

Any sane country would.

Unfortunately, America has been losing its mind for the last fifty years, so that now we face the certainty of Whites becoming a minority in the USA by 2040. What dominant group with an ounce of sense ever engineered its own reduction to minority status in its own homeland? And we all know what paradises countries are with non-white majorities. I am glad I will not live to see the worst of it all.

I sometimes wonder

if Obama chose Joe Biden to be his running mate as a hedge against assassination attempts. Any time you wish O was out of the way, there's an even bigger disaster waiting to step up and replace him...

Totally makes me laugh

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


And what would you hire her for?

I used to worry that I might be racist sometimes. It's people like her who freed me from even giving a shit.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Like I say

The real marker for "gay" is not sexual attraction but gender deviance.


Gender differences

Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo. Young men and women on the prowl. Hot Guy A invites his Hot Female "friend" out for a drink. Along with several other blond bimbos. She, supposedly smart, always objects to his behavior ...and always shows up. Along with several other blond bimbos. Her regular complaint, "Typical male."

So, Hot Female Friend, here's my question to you. Would a bunch of males show up in a group and sit around trying to catch the eye and interest of a single woman like that? Over and over? Does that happen in nature?

You know what I think about you and about the group of blond bimbos? "Typical female."

Awful earfuls

Talking with one of my sisters yesterday, we referenced our uncle's and our father's* funeral Masses, both held in the last two years. I had a private thought, in reference especially to the "music" at both events. In a word, drek. From the traditional Protestant drek of "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art" to the groovy Vatican II drek of "On Eagle's Wings" and the pop cocktail-lounge treacle of the St. Louis Jesuits (below!) and Weston Priory. The liturgical equivalent to the score of a chick flick.

My thought, "Thank God I left the priesthood or I would have spent the last 25 years listening to that crap all the time."

Not that pre Vatican II Catholic music was all that great; not by a long shot. Popular Catholic taste has apparently always been really bad. With the exception of the Gregorian chant, of course, and the few pieces by great composers (Mozart's Ave Verum), even a hymn like "Holy God We Praise Thy Name", a lot of it was a different kind of crap: "To Jesus' Heart All Burning", "Daily Daily Sing to Mary", "O Sanctissima" and other waltz tunes to the Virgin...

One of my criteria for these things is: "Can a man sing this without feeling undignified?"

I sympathize with a convert to Orthodoxy, a woman who said that after her experience of the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, Western worship suddenly seemed "tedious and sentimental." I am sure that if I had remained in the priesthood as a Dominican friar, I would be looking for every opportunity to celebrate the recently re-approved medieval rite in Latin.

It might be somewhat obscure, but it sure as hell isn't embarrassing.

*I had a strong urge to sing In Paradisum for him, but it felt like grandstanding and anyway, I doubt I could have made it through without breaking down. He and I had a mostly rather formal relationship; it surprised me how much I cried over him...but I was glad of that. Cause when I needed him, he never let me down. He deserved the tears.


Boys life

Boys Life is a series of short films about gay men. I watched one yesterday (number 7), with an eye out for the issue of gender deviance, which as come to seem to me the real marker of "gay". There were four movies: about two Argentinian high school buddies, one of whom is secretly in love with the other; about a black ghetto kid trying to seduce an older black man who's an AIDS activist; about a gay guy at his brother's wedding, who seduces the best man; and about a Latino thug on parole who has a date with an online hookup.
Argentina: the gay boy is definitely a beta male, but fits in with his fellows, who seem uncommonly decent and highspirited. He's a bit on the small and sensitive side.

Ghetto: the protagonist is clocked as a fag by the ghetto thugs. Not a drag queen, but you can smell the royal blood. The older man is conventionally masculine acting but a tailor ("not a seamstress") whose work prominently includes wedding dresses...

Wedding: both guys, the gay and the straight, are guys. The actors could have switched roles. (This was a pretty sexually overt story; surprised to see a favorite and straight unknown actor of mine in it.)

Latino thug: a classic and lethal immature sociopath but sometimes clocked as gay because of his flowery shirt and his cologne; his "date" a pudgy Asian boy, not manly but not queeny.

Monday morning

Abortion is a topic I generally avoid. I have had very few discussions about it which did not immediately degenerate into yelling. Mostly I am agin' it but absolutely? Not sure. Anyway, I ran across an article today about women pregnant with twins who decide, for reasons of lifestyle convenience or some other non-dire reason, to kill off one of the babies. The chosen one is injected with potassium and the body left to shrivel up next to its brother or sister til delivery...Creepy and queasy are the first words that come to mind. And I am tempted to say, "evil."

How would you feel knowing that mommy killed off your twin in the womb and that you grew into your body with its cadaver next to you for nine months? And wondered why it was that you were the one who got to survive? Gender? Luck of the draw?

Reminds me of a discussion about suicide that we used to have in AIDS work in the old days. Mostly everyone was OK with it as a last resort. But as a last resort. I remember one counselor being very upset with a PWA --person with AIDS-- because he wanted to take his life well before he got sick. I asked him if he thought a person had a right to end their life when they were suffering and if so, why could they not end it to avoid all that suffering? Turns out there were a set of unspoken assumptions in the "Yes." It was OK to kill yourself once you had suffered enough; but to take leave earlier was...what? Disloyal to the group? Cowardly?

Abortion is similar in some ways. "A woman has the right to control of her own body" is all well and good until feminists learn that Sikhs or Chinese or Hindus are aborting only female foetuses because they value sons so highly...Then somehow it's wrong because its sexist...

Moral philosophy and moral theology never appealed to me. These discussions depress me.

Over at PrayTell, they are huffing and puffing because a cathedral church in the West has banned female altar servers, in order to encourage boys to become priests.

It reminds me of how little I believe in "equality". Of almost any kind. It is one of the Great Illusions. Once the word enters a discussion, it casts its moral spell and people fall into an impenetrable cognitive and rhetorical trance. "But don't you believe that men and women are equal!?" Actually, no, I don't. And partly, but only partly, because in our liberal discourse, this really means that men and women are interchangeable... but for the fact that women are, of course, better and special, bringing unique and hitherto discarded virtues and gifts to the oppressive patriarchal wasteland...

When I speak of The Seven Pillars or Seven Spokes of Liberalism, --multiculturalism, feminism, redistributionism, then pacifism, secularism, transnationalism, and environmentalism --I don't mention LGBT ideology. That's because I see it as a subset of feminism.

Last week I chanced across an article in my family's local Catholic paper, where an earnest young priest explained how Catholic homosexuals basically need to live a celibate life. And later that day I stumbled onto yet another episode of The A-List. From the right and the left, two equally unappealing soul-destroying agendas.

I understand the Catholic position, intellectually. But the idea of accepting it as true of me is the equivalent of sucking all the air and light and joy out of life. If a man and women have sex outside marriage --assuming that it is friendly and consensual, etc.-- their big mistake, in Catholic terms, is bad timing. You take something meant for sacramental form and cheapen it by doing it outside its proper time. But for two men to have sex, even if there is love and friendship informing it, then it is an irredeemable mistake, something essentially counterfeit and empty, to be avoided in any form. There is no good timing involved.  Despite disclaimers of the difference between a person and a drive, I cannot see how this promotes anything less than self-loathing. And I don't mean "lack of self-esteem". I mean active loathing of oneself as fundamentally and deeply defective in a quite unique way.

Yet when I watch the degenerates paraded on LOGO TV, despite their out-and-proudness, it is precisely loathing that they seem to be acting out. Even given that this is soap opera TV and it is a fake "reality" show like Real Housewives, designed precisely to highlight the conflictual, etc. these are still almost universally contemptible "men". What makes them so revolting is not their sexual activity --which plays a very small part in the show-- but their dramatic yet heartless social relationships, their dignity-less minstrel show effeminacy and their empty interests, which embody every anti-gay stereotype you can think of. Despite their male bodies, they act like the worst kinds of females. There's hardly a man in sight.

Via media, anyone?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sic transit, continuing

Boyish and doughy actor James Spader usually ranges from irritatingly odd to offputting. One time only he was a hunk, in the messy 2000 film Supernova:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pushing my buttons

Over at Gay Patriot, Dan linked to an article about sexual orientation by someone else. It was an attack on the Gay Establishment, but seemed all confused about what it called the myth of sexual orientation, including monogamy therein. And then it linked approvingly to another story where a lesbian who asserted that her sexual orientation toward other women was something fixed was derided as being in denial.

Pissed me off. I know that many people are capable of having sex with both genders. Most gay men I know have had sex with women. But there are people whose sexual interests remain fixed throughout life. Most people, in fact. Including me. If I'd have ever found women, or even one woman, attractive, I'd say it. But it ain't so. Just ain't so.

It really angered me, and still angers me --I told the guy he was an arrogant prick--, when someone tells me what my experience is who has no knowledge of me, just some theory.

Really pisses me off.

Improving on Jefferson

The oft-quoted scriptural proof-text of American fundamentalism is Jefferson's line in the Declaration that "all men are created equal."

I wish he had written it differently. And more closely to what he meant, which I take to be a denial of hereditary aristocracy. As in: "the Creator has endowed all men equally with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The massive social engineering required to achieve a semblance of the egalitarianism mistakenly issuing from the text is proof by itself that the original line is a description of rights and most definitely not of achievement.

Very gay about gay marriage

Bruce Vilanch is a gay comedian. As homely as they come, he is very amusing and funny. I caught some of his act on TV.

At a gay wedding, it is considered very bad taste if either of the grooms have dated the priest.
An open bar should be a part of all gay weddings, including during the ceremony itself...for the sake of the parents.

The costs for a wedding of two gay men should be borne by the father of the bottom.

At a lesbian wedding, the costs should be borne by the mother of the girly one. And if there is no girly one --as is so often the case!-- then arm wrestling should settle it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Upcoming grief

I stumbled on some pieces about the upcomimg 9/11 anniversary and the memorial in NYC. From what I can tell, what I feared will happen: the Muslim jihadis who did it will be absent...We will avoid mentioning who killed the 3000. It will be a big empty piece of PC regret.

There are days when I wonder if a civilization that cannot say the name of its enemy is worth saving.

Veinity 2

I do like that cephoral vein.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jews behaving badly

Although most conservatives are pro-Israel and not anti-Jewish, there is a clear Jew-hating voice in parts of the Right. I find it disturbing, but I have to say that there is a reason for it. Dennis Prager's comments here show why.
In fact, though largely secular, Jews may well be the most ‘religious’ people on the planet — it’s just that their religion is rarely Judaism or any other God-based system. Rather, most Jews believe in and advocate almost every secular “ism” in the world — feminism, socialism, liberalism, environmentalism. You name the “ism” and there is a good chance Jews are among its founders and/or its leaders.

For me, it's not the Jewishness or the Judaism which irks me, it's the outsized number of Jews who wind up not only liberal but even more to the Left. The Noam Chomsky syndrome. As Prager might put it, the problem with a lot of Jews is that they've forgotten to be Jews and, as so vividly put in the Scriptures, gone whoring after the foreign gods of the Isms.

Ranting in my sleep about Jack and Harry

Well, not exactly ranting, but thinking critically while I was sleeping.

Before I forget.

On Torchwood, the new series, Miracle Day, is very disappointing. Capn Jack becomes gay; which he never was before. And the Bad Guys are played out in the shape of "racist" "Tea Party" "rednecks" and Christians. This kind of pseudo-moral liberal stuff is cheap, cartoonish, self-serving, contemptible, dishonest and cowardly. It's turned into unwatchable crap. So bad that I turned it off and sent an angry email to John Barrowman. It's come to that.

The Harry Potter series and politics. Despite the background moral theme of Pure Bloods vs Mixed Bloods, two important points. This is a question of two different species really. Not Magical Humans vs NonMagical Humans, as we are led to read it, but two different species. Harry et al are humanoid but not human, any more than Superman or the X Men*. And the allegorical "race" issue really does not reflect the situation of Britain or Europe generally. Why? As played, the Muggles vs Wizard issue is played out almost entirely between White characters. The racially different characters in the Wizard world are never more than a few individuals or functional extras: they never appear as racial groups. Which is where the issues always lie. There are no problematic Groups of Color in the UK Wizarding world. It is a solidly White dominated world with very secondary characters of color who only influence the story as single individuals, never as parts of groups. They have no cultural influence whatever. Turning them all into White Englishmen would not alter the story one single bit.

In this way, JK Rowling gets to play off an ethical high ground that she never actually stands on or engages. The current riots in the UK are not the result of Pure Bloods' racism, but group degeneracy among the non-whites and the "chav" whites who have been forced to compete with them (and wind up sharing and co-creating bad culture with them) thru the forced Mixed Blood policies of the UK elites.

More at 11.

PS. At a later time, I realize this is wrong. Muggles and Magicals breed easily and so they are really a single humanoid species, much more like different races or breeds. The difference species in that world are the elves or goblins, etc. of which there are no examples of cross-breeding with Magicals. And I note again, the humanoid Magicals dominate all the other species, without apology.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Pat Condell for Prime Minister.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Various and sundry

Slowing working up toward getting my rant on.

My friend Bill delivered a huge bag of nectarines from his tree. One of the Things White People Like is picking their own fruit. I have been engaged in making salsa and pies. Very manly.

Isn't it funny how tasks which are, on the domestic level, female, become, when taken to the professional level, mostly male domains? Great chefs, for example. Sewing, home decoration become Haute Couture and Interior Design. Crafts become High Art.

Speaking of which, I caught a few minutes of Five Gays, One Girl again, from Toronto. Five sibilant Girlyboyz, One FagHag. What kinds of weird creatures are these? And The A List is on again. Hardly a redeeming social value to be seen. What a waste of humanity. If that's the Gay Network's idea of gay men, how about an episode called Drowned At Birth? In all these cases, you have males acting like deformed and stunted females. Entirely missing the virtues of either sex. It's pretty gross.

Remember that old Kingston Trio song, "They're rioting in Africa"? Well, looks like the Africans are rioting in the UK as looting mobs and here in the US as flash-mobs. But of course we are not supposed to notice. What a fucked up bunch of people. Even more than their pussy white liberal enablers and apologists.

Continuous irritation at the overwhelming number of commercials where the Chump is the White Guy, and the People of Color and Women get to hold him in disdain. Truth is, White Guys have made the world. Not women, and not people of color.

Blurb for a movie upcoming in praise of Germain Greer contains her very telling remark that what began as a movement for the liberation of women turned into a critique of any form of hierarchy. Since hierarchy is essential to the masculine (and to human life), the (ironic) animus of feminism against maleness itself is expressed right there, simple and clear.

Democrats are whining about the "intransigence" and "terrorist hostage-taking" of the Republicans, unwilling to compromise. Poor babies. Can you spell Obamacare?

Barry Hussein O. Will I ever pardon the American electorate for falling for his transparent BS? Making Jimmy Carter look good since 2008.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Aesop's Fables

Translated by George Fyler Townsend

The Kingdom of the Lion

THE BEASTS of the field and forest had a Lion as their king. He was neither wrathful, cruel, nor tyrannical, but just and gentle as a king could be. During his reign he made a royal proclamation for a general assembly of all the birds and beasts, and drew up conditions for a universal league, in which the Wolf and the Lamb, the Panther and the Kid, the Tiger and the Stag, the Dog and the Hare, should live together in perfect peace and amity. The Hare said, "Oh, how I have longed to see this day, in which the weak shall take their place with impunity by the side of the strong." And after the Hare said this, he ran for his life.


I've been back on line for several days now but little inclined to rant or even post much of late. Needless to say, the current set of world miseries only confirms my worldview. But I am tired, low energy, and not even mad enough to want to blow off steam very much.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The ends meet

My buddy HF took this street shot today. Buddhist monk, leatherboy with dog. The soul of San Francisco.

PS. Aug 10. This morning, while walking on Market Street, I saw both of these guys, separated by three blocks.

Back to XCath

Yesterday, August 6th...the Transfiguration, and the day the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima. Tomorrow, the founder of my old order, St. Dominic Guzman, who died in 1221. Today, four years ago, B and I first met. (Some kind of free associative theme there...)

My life has been focussed on my stomach of late. Although it's calming down a bit, lots of indigestion for a few weeks. But when I think of the economy, the state of the nation, the guys shot down in Afghanistan, my bank tightens up. Sometimes it feels as though my heart is down in there, uncomfortably beating.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hollywood lib

Caught the 2010 movie Predators, starring an amazingly buffed up and convincingly martial Adrian Brody, of all people. When one of the humans, Walton Goggins, kills one of the aliens, he shouts, "Die, space faggot."

Now these people are all Hollywood people, all big Hollywood liberals, I assume. So why do they not put their open-minded and tolerant feet down and protest that line? Do you think for one minute that they'd countenance "space nigger" or "space cunt" or "space kike"? Cowards and hypocrites.

Friday, August 05, 2011


Full internet access restored. Ranting to resume shortly.
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