Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hollywood lib

Caught the 2010 movie Predators, starring an amazingly buffed up and convincingly martial Adrian Brody, of all people. When one of the humans, Walton Goggins, kills one of the aliens, he shouts, "Die, space faggot."

Now these people are all Hollywood people, all big Hollywood liberals, I assume. So why do they not put their open-minded and tolerant feet down and protest that line? Do you think for one minute that they'd countenance "space nigger" or "space cunt" or "space kike"? Cowards and hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

Evidently contempt for gay males in the vulgus isn't "threatening" to them, in contrast to a more or less reason'd position against "marriage equality" especially as involving religious tradition or, even more, the Bible. No matter how careful the arguer is to say that homosexuals nevertheless aren't to be shun'd, discriminated against in employment, and deserve civil rights etc.

Maybe in the ancient regime of "ouranian love" the contempt of the vulgus was reassuring. The rabble who enjoy monster truck rallies despise art, learning, and every other fine thing. Accordingly, the Hollywood elite should encourage in them a contempt for homoerotic love too?

Anonymous said...

Gays are still the low man, the 'bottom' if you will, of the victim totem pole. The only time the word 'nigger' is ever used in Hollywood is when it's uttered by an evil white supremacist or an evil white CEO (redundant, I know...)
That being said, Adrien Brody was eye-poppingly ugly/gorgeous in that terrible film.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, "Bottom" as in Midsummer Night's Dream is 'translated' (metaphor'd). ... As for blacks, I suppose the racial meaning of the recent riots in Tottenham would be obvious to Londoners or even maybe any resident of the UK. But for those of us outside the UK, me for instance, that the rioters were mostly (all?) blacks was impossible to learn, except by off-news googling, etc. Even that the "father of four" kill'd by police was black was reveal'd only by photos from the older news story.

Blacks' misery is compounded by the pervaded message that by violence they get something back for their mistreatment by authority.

I suppose it may be true that (white? black also?) police are constantly unfair to blacks. But obviously a population is basically sunk in terms of mainstream civilization if the authority system of mainstream civilization is the enemy to them. ... The riot confirms enculturation of the police as the enemy. And thereby are thwarted the usual calls by liberals to end institutional racism in the police system by hiring more black police.

Lucky for homosexual males that raids by police (though resulting in the Stonewall riot) weren't enculturated as proof that the police must always be the enemy of the homosexual "community." ... Not that lowlifes deserve police brutality, but neither whites nor gays nor even Hispanics are enculturated to rally around a lowlife shot by police as a cultural hero and [unmarry'd] "father of four" etc. (the four children no doubt become personnel in the lowlife semi-criminal system or even outright criminal gang population).


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