Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jews behaving badly

Although most conservatives are pro-Israel and not anti-Jewish, there is a clear Jew-hating voice in parts of the Right. I find it disturbing, but I have to say that there is a reason for it. Dennis Prager's comments here show why.
In fact, though largely secular, Jews may well be the most ‘religious’ people on the planet — it’s just that their religion is rarely Judaism or any other God-based system. Rather, most Jews believe in and advocate almost every secular “ism” in the world — feminism, socialism, liberalism, environmentalism. You name the “ism” and there is a good chance Jews are among its founders and/or its leaders.

For me, it's not the Jewishness or the Judaism which irks me, it's the outsized number of Jews who wind up not only liberal but even more to the Left. The Noam Chomsky syndrome. As Prager might put it, the problem with a lot of Jews is that they've forgotten to be Jews and, as so vividly put in the Scriptures, gone whoring after the foreign gods of the Isms.

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Leah said...

He is right.
In any other religion such people would no longer be considered part of the group. But with Jews - there is no way to leave the tribe

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