Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Evil Minds

A pic accompanying (yet another) story of a gang of Obama's Sons feral Black youfs beating the shit out of some White kid:

Matches ExC's


History is funny

Puerto Rico and IQ: Same as it ever was:

Back in the 30's the native Puerto Rican elite --"Spanish"-- blasted the study because it was too full of coloreds and the results were not broken down by race.



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Tech Pipeline Is Alarmingly White -

The pipeline of students who will be tomorrow's tech leaders is alarmingly vanilla.
According to a new analysis of test-takers, not a single girl, African-American or Hispanic student took the computer science Advanced Placement test in Mississippi or Montana last year. More than a third of the population in Mississippi is black.
In other words, a hugely disproportionate bunch of white guys took the test.

The authoress --with a Stanford Journalism degree--works for "Fusion, a TV and digital network that champions a smart, diverse and inclusive America."

Should be renamed Unicorn.

What horrible thing did I write the other day? Oh, yeah.
St Martin Luther King managed to find the White Man's moral soft spot and convinced him that he was the most evil creature in history. The descendants of the greatest civilization in history were merely talked into surrendering. Then White Women turned around and stabbed their men in the back.

Including this bitch and her kind, cheerleaders for the dispossession of her own people. No other race on earth plays that game.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet (C).

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Being PussyWhipped US

Being Human US is rolling down to its justified finale. Watching these hyper-moralistic heterosexual males --be they vampire or werewolf-- being dominated and dragged around by their completely un-self-reflective gender-narcissist females is deeply offputting.

The Ghostess is a hot mess, SuperEve everyday, constantly wrecking Paradise. The blondie werewolf wife is a labile cold-hearted bitch. They turn a drama series into a soap opera.

Kinda like watching our whole society in a shell of nuts. As Mr Donovan so pithily put it, A society dominated by women and effeminates cannot survive.

The moral pitch throughout the show is a kind of groundless leap-frogging, where scads of ethical angst are invested in strangers, --this being the coin of the moral realm for Liberals--while friends are regularly mistreated. In this respect, the Being Human US reflects its makers and our society

But in keeping with my shallowness, Sam Witwer in a towel partly makes up for this.

And, spoiler follows...having the Ghostess inhabit the body of a big bald homely overweight Black guy so Aidan the Vampire and He/She could kiss...well, that took some imagination.

Sam Huntington, the actor playing the character-crippled Jewish werewolf,  has been to the gym and they're showing him in skin a lot this season. But "Josh" is so irredeemably pussified that nothing can make him less than pathetic.

I'll miss Sam Witwer. No one else.



I do enjoy the old X Files. But, Lord, you can't pay too close attention to the script. Especially when it tries to be deep. The single episode written by Gillian Anderson and directed by her is both grandiose and stupid. Aside from the series' artificial inflation in style --which I hope was consciously written tongue in cheek-- there's the lazy litter, nay, tsunami of misinformation and what appears to be outright lies regarding anything to do with the Bible or Christianity. Playfulness, or contempt?

But it's great for atmosphere and 90's nostalgia. And when it makes fun of itself --as in the vampire episode-- it's very amusing.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The awful truth

From another website, even more evil than mine:
...the 1965 Immigration Act applied the attitude behind the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the entire world. If one of the consequences of the CRA was that American blacks were to be treated in effect as American whites’ superiors—because whites were to be denied freedom of association—the consequence of the Immigration Act was to make all foreign non-whites legally superior to white American citizens. 
I have a set of responses to this but they not printable. I merely link to this.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Self-murder, Caucasian style

The White "Man"'s T-Shirt in the background says So Sorry
as the little Eloi line up for their ritual shaming.
Sorry indeed.
It was other Blacks who enslaved their fellows
and sold them to the Whites.
The Western Slave Trade depended entirely
on the enslaving practices of Africans on each other.
(The massive Arab Slave trade was Arab run.
The Muslims will never apologize or allow themselves to be so 
disgustingly humiliated by their subalterns.)

Conference on White Privilege.

In German, suicide is Selbstmord: self-murder. Bingo.

Group "privilege" is just another name for "culture". It is universal, unavoidable and indeed necessary to group survival and social coherence. If you have some, hang on to it because "privilege" will not fade away; it will simply migrate away from you to another group. Much of it already has.

Group success depends on three things: power, wealth and status. Whites once had unquestioned dominance in all three. Now we have reduced power, our wealth is being sucked away, but very clearly we have no status. None. How can I say that? In any situation, any, where a non-White person or group cries "racism" or "bias" or "privilege", the White is automatically guilty, no matter what he says. Always. Black "privilege" always grants the moral high ground, the victim role, to Blacks, any Blacks, no matter how vile. We have given up our moral standing and allowed deeply dysfunctional and vengeful minorities to make us play their game, which will eventuate in our suicide.

St Martin Luther King managed to find the White Man's soft spot and convinced him that he was the most evil creature in history. The descendants of the greatest civilization in history were merely talked into surrendering. Then White Women turned around and stabbed their men in the back. Now all the smaller scavengers gather round to pick apart the corpse.

I used to think that the phrase race-traitor had no meaning. I no longer agree with my earlier self. If I were both evil and powerful --and alas, I am only one of the two-- I'd take the whole lot of these conference-goers and internally exile them to darkest Detroit and then watch the fun unfold. Whites are without question

The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c).


Barry Hussein O: Beyond intolerable

Obama pairs Putin with conservatism | The Daily Caller:

Universalism vs Reality.

If there is such a thing as Obama Derangement Syndrome, I plead guilty. He makes me crazy.

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Les Responsables

Reflecting on The Decline and Fall, one WhiteMale commentor elsewhere opines:

I’m very much a person who doesn’t seek blame. All things happen by my hand. That may be delusional but, what happens is of my action. With this, I believe I’m in the minority when I say, white men did this. This is the fault of the white man for allowing it to happen. You can point fingers whichever way you choose if that suits you better but, the finger should be given to us. Women, immigrants, homos, whatever. They wouldn’t have had a voice had the majority in power (white men) allowed it to happen in the first place. Was it a blatant rollover? Was the wool pulled over our eyes?

It's true.

Every loss of power, status and wealth of the once globally dominant White Male has come about merely by his being talked out of it.


Schedenfreude of the day

Staffer knocked unconscious at Bartram High -

A "conflict resolutions specialist" in a 92% Black school gets his head bashed in.

Is it wrong of me to be laughing?

Prolly. But I am.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everything not forbidden is compulsory

The Right Not to Be Implicated | National Review Online:

"Until just over a decade ago, homosexual intercourse was a crime in many jurisdictions. Then in 2003, the Supreme Court overturned the sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas, which was in my view a bad decision with a good outcome. That same year, California considered a civil-union law, which was the source of some controversy. Opponents argued that it was a step toward the much more serious issue of gay marriage, and Democrats rejected that as a red herring: “Nobody is talking about gay marriage,” said John Longville, a Democratic assemblyman, “except the people who are trying to wave it around as a straw-man issue.” Within five years, that straw man was flesh and blood. 
Along the way the conversation changed from whether states could legalize gay marriage to whether states could prohibit it, and from whether the federal government should recognize same-sex marriage to whether it could refuse to do so. The Democratic governor of Kentucky says that he desires the Supreme Court to “bring finality and certainty to this matter,” which, given his party affiliation, is a way of saying without saying that he wants a national legal mandate for gay marriage. 
And the matter already has progressed to the point at which we as a nation, having only recently legalized gay marriage, are debating the question of whether bakers and photographers should be locked in cages if they decline, for their own moral or religious reasons, to participate in gay weddings.
Everything not forbidden is compulsory.”

Once a group or phenomenon gains Sacred Victim status with the Progressives and achieves social or legal status, it may not be questioned but must be celebrated. Failure to do so makes you a bigot, a H8er, a Nazi, etc. and Outside The Pale.

Inter-racial marriage, for instance, how has Sacrosanct status of the highest order...unless an Official Victim demurs. Whatever traditional culture has judged wrong, undesirable or inferior must eventually be held up as the highest of virtues. Gay marriage is on its way. And inter-racial gay marriage! Wow, a transcendant ethical achievement.

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Monday, March 24, 2014


Except at moments of conversions --of which I have had more than my share in my life-- we tend to select our perceptions according what will re-enforce our narrative and world-view.

Our national behaviors make the most sense to me if I see them as the incipient dynamics either of a) a tyranny that will transform The Most Foolish People On The Planet(c)  into strangers in their own land, the new Indians, or b) a catastrophic implosion that will lead to secession(s) and the birth of new nations where America once stood.

ExCathedra would, of course, prefer the second of these two grim possibilities.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cities and states

In a recent post, I suggested that the difference between urban and non-urban be incorporated into the structure of governance. Specifically, that cities of a certain size be separated as city-states rather than dominating the rest of the population outside them. The differences are outlined here.


Friday, March 21, 2014


Differentiation is a Jungian term for valuating a phenomenon in separate parts rather than as a simple whole. Rather than saying, "My mother is a complete evil witch", you differentiate between her motherly parts and her witcherly parts. It's a task we need to perform in order to move beyond the infantile into the adult world of ambiguity. Theory basis courtesy of Melanie Klein.

A comment from January 2014 that I missed, exemplifies differentiation. He, I imagine him as a he, reponded to my brilliant sidebar essay on Liberalism as follows:

For a blog with a tacky layout, this may be the wisest thing I've ever read.

My response is also, well, differentiated.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simple pleasures

The SloCarb diet I am following makes this a typical evening meal:

Two slices of bacon sauteed in olive oil, then adding chopped sweet onion, then chunks of chicken thigh til cooked through, finally a handful of white beans and fire-roasted tomatoes. Add generous shakes of garlic powder, cumin --my favorite spice--, then a sprinkling of salt and a few shots of hot sauce. Mix up.

And you have dinner in a bowl. Mmmmmmm.


Wise words of wide application

Evil misogynist straightwhitemale patriarch Heartiste, relentless enemy of "pretty lies", referring to his younger self:

He had learned, and not a moment too soon, to watch what women do and ignore what they say about their romantic needs. For all the men who knew nothing about what women wanted, even fewer women knew themselves.

An update about wider application:
There is a term of art in economics that I like: “revealed preference.” The root idea is: Never mind what people say they prefer, or what some pure-reason formula proves they should prefer, but what their behavior shows they actually prefer.

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VDH on uppities

Liberals and Their Uppity Enemies | VDH's Private Papers:

 "...the pained stutter of Barack Obama as his vast mind works so fast that his only too human lips cannot catch up."


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Monday, March 17, 2014

Enantiodromia, another example

Courtesy of Mr Goad.

31 Flavors of Fascism - Taki's Magazine:

"The notion of innate equality would seem antithetical to fascism as the term is commonly understood. Yet since equality is a well-meaning human-generated delusion rather than a real or organic phenomenon observable anywhere in nature, it must be enforced by increasingly totalitarian measures. 
Thus, once the seemingly open-minded liberalism I knew and embraced as a kid started gaining power and steamrolling over all opposition, it metastasized into an all-consuming doctrine of coercion, shaming, groupthink, and unblinking thought-suppression that would fit most of my preconceived notions about what constitutes fascism. Modern leftist psychology is supremely collectivist and intolerant of dissent—two commonly accepted defining traits of fascism."
Italics courtesy of ExC.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

AS has his annual outbreak of making sense

The Hounding Of A Young Gay Writer « The Dish:
 "Could it be because they don’t actually want to continue the dialogue with people of faith, but rather seek to leverage the growing majority in favor of gay equality to rhetorically bludgeon the “bigots” into submission, to create a world in which they call the shots the way homophobes used to? Could it be that they enjoy policing the discourse now that they seem in the majority?"

Ya think?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What made me gay

On another site, one Beyond the Pale, I found a bit of history that explained for me, at last, why I am a man-lover.

I took this oath as a child...

“I, state name here, [but everyone just repeats Stymie's name], a member of good standing of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club, do solemnly swear to be a he-man and hate women and not play with them or touch them unless I have to and especially never fall in love and, if I do, may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours or until I scream bloody murder.” — The Little Rascals

So I blame my homosexuality on Spanky and Alfalfa...


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One more bossy female

trying to boss us around.

Ban Bossy. Encourage Girls to Lead:

Update. Gavin McInness weighs in, unhappy that Miss Beyonce has joined the fight. He notes that a Black female "who spends thousands of dollars weaving white women’s hair into her own, is telling young girls to be themselves."

Which leads me to ask, is this a form of virtual scalping?

And why is decking yourself out in blond hair if you're black, so different from doing yourself up in blackface if you're white? Isn't she promoting self-hate?

Some days I just want to escape.

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The United States of Balkania

Allowing for cognitive bias, I see nothing on the horizon that makes my scenario of America's dismantling less likely as time goes on.

I have sort of settled into seeing people as proto-citizens of new countries. It makes a lot more sense of their beliefs, attitudes and behavior.

Looking back, I begin to think how odd, if not crazy, it was and is to imagine that peoples so adversarially different from each other could ever have been considered fellow-countrymen just because they find themselves inside the same borders.

Men as opposite from each other as Jefferson and Lincoln both knew this.

Friday, March 07, 2014


Obama botches spelling of "respect" while lauding Aretha Franklin - CBS News:

Aren't we glad that we have in The Affirmative Akshun First (Haff) Black Prezident such a brilliant man, who illuminated us about the 57 states and the existence of a hitherto undiscovered Austrian language and the little known Cuatro de Cinco holiday? Aren't we glad that illiterate moron Bush is gone (even though his college transcripts or his wife's are not under lock and key...)

God, what a payaso.

And payasos elected him. Dos veces.

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Pardon me

if I don't give a f***, not about "what Mormon women want" --although it's not high on my list of interests-- but about what "Kantor and Goodstein" of the "NYT" have to say about it.

"What Mormon Women Want - Kantor and Goodstein, NYT"

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Religous BS, Bood style

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway: The Dalai Lama's Capitalist Contradictions -

I don't see any reason why Dolly L's (or Francis The Talking Pope's) opinions about economics should be given one whit more credence than his opinions about how to perform surgery or engineer a city infrastructure.

Compassion, blah, blah, blah.

Shut up. All of Your Holinesses.

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Wah wah wah

More whining from the eternal babies of the universe. If they are still in the toilet 100 from years from now it will be a "legacy of slavery".  


But the most foolish people on the planet will certainly give them some kind of self-demeaning apology.

"Politics is war  continued by other means. "


Trump to GOP: Illegal Immigrants Won't Vote for You 'No Matter How Nice You Are':

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Foolish People Parenting, 21st century style

What happens when your kid is the alpha in the house.

Your Kid is a Little Asshole 
"Together, Hannah’s spineless beta male father and her indulgent co-dependent mother have quite literally created a monster. An attention-hording, sugar-chomping, friend-abusing, weakness-exploiting little asshole of a monster."
Some day they may their own little Rachel suing them in court...

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If you have the time, Nils Parker also "hates on" --as The Coolest Victims On Earth like to say-- the Whole Foods phenomenon and its demographic.

Do tell...

Gay and lesbian troops perform in drag on American military base

Don't ask.

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Foreign policy "re-set", continued

How to surrender

The Terms of Our Surrender -

Catholic conservative is surprised the those who resist Gay Marriage are treated as if they were David Duke.

I got news for Mr Douthat: any resistance to the New Religion will be treated as such.

Cause that's the Central Dogma.

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