Monday, March 31, 2014


Tech Pipeline Is Alarmingly White -

The pipeline of students who will be tomorrow's tech leaders is alarmingly vanilla.
According to a new analysis of test-takers, not a single girl, African-American or Hispanic student took the computer science Advanced Placement test in Mississippi or Montana last year. More than a third of the population in Mississippi is black.
In other words, a hugely disproportionate bunch of white guys took the test.

The authoress --with a Stanford Journalism degree--works for "Fusion, a TV and digital network that champions a smart, diverse and inclusive America."

Should be renamed Unicorn.

What horrible thing did I write the other day? Oh, yeah.
St Martin Luther King managed to find the White Man's moral soft spot and convinced him that he was the most evil creature in history. The descendants of the greatest civilization in history were merely talked into surrendering. Then White Women turned around and stabbed their men in the back.

Including this bitch and her kind, cheerleaders for the dispossession of her own people. No other race on earth plays that game.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet (C).

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