Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Must Jews Dislike the Christians who Like Them? | The Jewish Press:

An uncommonly honest outburst.

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Anonymous said...

No, Jews don't have to hate Christians, but I bristle at his suggestion that Christians lie about their missionary goals, and that Jews should lie about Christian faith holding value. Refusing to acknowledge our beefs with outside groups is what landed us in the lovely mess we call modern race relations.

The author is asking people that they live a lie. In my eyes, dishonest approval is one of the worst kinds of lies in my eyes. If somebody is doing something that you think is wrong and is going to land them in an eternity of torment, how much do you have to hate them to say, "What you are doing is fine."? That, to me, is what "tolerance" is: antipathy at best, hatred at worst.


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