Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simple pleasures

The SloCarb diet I am following makes this a typical evening meal:

Two slices of bacon sauteed in olive oil, then adding chopped sweet onion, then chunks of chicken thigh til cooked through, finally a handful of white beans and fire-roasted tomatoes. Add generous shakes of garlic powder, cumin --my favorite spice--, then a sprinkling of salt and a few shots of hot sauce. Mix up.

And you have dinner in a bowl. Mmmmmmm.



Anonymous said...

As as guy who is looking for a way to shed the excess body fat and put on some muscle, how strenuous is SloCarb? I recall you mentioning that B is doing the Paleo diet, how is that working out for him?


OreamnosAmericanus said...

SloCarb is very unstrenuous, non-ascetical and easy. At least I find it so. I miss my morning muffin and late night snacking, but the weekly (and required) cheat day --when you can eat whatever you want-- makes that pretty bearable.

There's a lot of info online. Start here: http://www.4hourlife.com/2011/10/24/tim-ferriss-slow-carb-diet-simple-condensed-patient-handouts-guides/

Paleo is stricter. B has been on it for about a year and is doing fine and looking good. In addition to his eating habits, he continues to run and/or work out every day. Paleo, according to B, requires more planning and preparation than SloCarb.

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