Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One more bossy female

trying to boss us around.

Ban Bossy. Encourage Girls to Lead:

Update. Gavin McInness weighs in, unhappy that Miss Beyonce has joined the fight. He notes that a Black female "who spends thousands of dollars weaving white women’s hair into her own, is telling young girls to be themselves."

Which leads me to ask, is this a form of virtual scalping?

And why is decking yourself out in blond hair if you're black, so different from doing yourself up in blackface if you're white? Isn't she promoting self-hate?

Some days I just want to escape.

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Anonymous said...

Sheryl Sandberg seems a sleeker, more likeable, rhinoplastic Betty Friedan. A Betty Friedan for the 21st Century!


Mr. Freeze said...

I'm all for Banning Bossy.

Can we burn the bitch, too?

Unknown said...

"and find the self-respect to banish that lye-cooked, phony 'conk' and wear the natural hair that God gave Black men and women to wear."
--Malcolm X

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