Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everything not forbidden is compulsory

The Right Not to Be Implicated | National Review Online:

"Until just over a decade ago, homosexual intercourse was a crime in many jurisdictions. Then in 2003, the Supreme Court overturned the sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas, which was in my view a bad decision with a good outcome. That same year, California considered a civil-union law, which was the source of some controversy. Opponents argued that it was a step toward the much more serious issue of gay marriage, and Democrats rejected that as a red herring: “Nobody is talking about gay marriage,” said John Longville, a Democratic assemblyman, “except the people who are trying to wave it around as a straw-man issue.” Within five years, that straw man was flesh and blood. 
Along the way the conversation changed from whether states could legalize gay marriage to whether states could prohibit it, and from whether the federal government should recognize same-sex marriage to whether it could refuse to do so. The Democratic governor of Kentucky says that he desires the Supreme Court to “bring finality and certainty to this matter,” which, given his party affiliation, is a way of saying without saying that he wants a national legal mandate for gay marriage. 
And the matter already has progressed to the point at which we as a nation, having only recently legalized gay marriage, are debating the question of whether bakers and photographers should be locked in cages if they decline, for their own moral or religious reasons, to participate in gay weddings.
Everything not forbidden is compulsory.”

Once a group or phenomenon gains Sacred Victim status with the Progressives and achieves social or legal status, it may not be questioned but must be celebrated. Failure to do so makes you a bigot, a H8er, a Nazi, etc. and Outside The Pale.

Inter-racial marriage, for instance, how has Sacrosanct status of the highest order...unless an Official Victim demurs. Whatever traditional culture has judged wrong, undesirable or inferior must eventually be held up as the highest of virtues. Gay marriage is on its way. And inter-racial gay marriage! Wow, a transcendant ethical achievement.

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