Monday, March 17, 2014

Enantiodromia, another example

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31 Flavors of Fascism - Taki's Magazine:

"The notion of innate equality would seem antithetical to fascism as the term is commonly understood. Yet since equality is a well-meaning human-generated delusion rather than a real or organic phenomenon observable anywhere in nature, it must be enforced by increasingly totalitarian measures. 
Thus, once the seemingly open-minded liberalism I knew and embraced as a kid started gaining power and steamrolling over all opposition, it metastasized into an all-consuming doctrine of coercion, shaming, groupthink, and unblinking thought-suppression that would fit most of my preconceived notions about what constitutes fascism. Modern leftist psychology is supremely collectivist and intolerant of dissent—two commonly accepted defining traits of fascism."
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Anonymous said...

A good article that gets at the heart of the matter. Gay marriage is being furthered out of a desire for equality, it's justification for the Progressives to lash out at their enemies and further marginalize them.

The gay marriage debate is over, and the Left basically won. Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have admitted that the pro-gay side have won the argument, if not the individual battles, and the Christian Right ceded the moral high ground when they embraced no-fault divorce. Young conservatives have said "Drop gay marriage or we go Libertarian." Now we need to work to fix marriage, such as it is, and put the focus back on children.

I don't think the fight is completely over. There's still the matter of how to classify same-sex unions, and what their rights are. And if the Left continues their recent "cater or die" crusade, people will start questioning their motives. A growing number of gays are wondering what the motivation behind the gay marriage push is, and if "marriage" is right for gay men.


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