Friday, March 07, 2014

Wah wah wah

More whining from the eternal babies of the universe. If they are still in the toilet 100 from years from now it will be a "legacy of slavery".  


But the most foolish people on the planet will certainly give them some kind of self-demeaning apology.

"Politics is war  continued by other means. "


Anonymous said...

Surely, Vladimir Putin would be so gracious enough to pay me reparations for the extinction of a quarter of my family at the hands of his former employers.

No? He wouldn't? Why? Don't tell me that he's a politician with testicles!


Anonymous said...

They can lead the way for further and greater reparations from the nations last on the planet to make slavery illegal - Muslim nations every one.

1952: Qatar.
1958: Bhutan.
1962: Saudi Arabia.
1962: Yemen.
1963: United Arab Emirates.
1970: Oman.
2003: Niger.
2007: Mauritania.

Bishop of Portland

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Eurocentric Islamophobe!

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Consider how history would now be playing out if Hitler had targeted Blacks instead of Jews...Although Jews milk WWII for all it's worth (some of them as if the whole war was about/against them), they were back up and running things in no time. If Africans had been in their place, we'd be hearing about The Legacy of the Holocaust for the next 1000 years as the reason why they don't get their act together.

Anonymous said...

Your Eminence, it's quite obvious why they will do no such thing. Only the West is stupid enough to slash their wrists in penance for the sins of seven generations ago. Allah may well be a bloody god, but he does not suffer cowardly worshippers.

Which puts me in mind of the difference between God in the Old and New Testaments. On the one hand, we have Yahweh the Lord, the warrior god who leaves his "chosen people" to die the moment they waver, and on the other, we have Jehovah the Father, the merciful god who blesses the merciful and commands the insulted to "turn the other cheek."

Yahweh's ruthlessness can easily be chalked up to the Hebrews putting words in his mouth to justify his actions. They certainly wouldn't be the first. And yet, Jesus tells his disciples to go armed when they are preaching, and will supposedly lead the armies of Heaven at Armageddon. Maybe Yahweh and Jehovah really are one and the same. The wise warrior knows that there is more to life then battle, after all.


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