Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"All men are created equal"

 was written in 1776 by the same man who wrote in 1821
"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people (Blacks) are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."
"Autobiography" in Jefferson’s Works, Volume I, p. 48


Sunday, December 28, 2014

A wise crack

From an obscure site:

Atheists and other fundies often forget about the Orthodox Church, but it is the second largest Church in Christendom.  Together with the largest, the Roman Catholic, they comprise better than 63% of all Christians.  Throw in the third largest - the Anglican Communion - and we've got two-thirds of all Christians, well before we get down to the more exotic and idiosyncratic sects.  If I want to know "what Christianity teaches," I would be inclined to ask the Orthodox or Catholic churches, as they have near 2000 years of noodling over it.  Yet when the Coynes of the world want to tell us 'what Christians believe,' they agitate over the idiosyncratic beliefs of Bill and Ted's Excellent Bible Shack, whose teachings go back to last Tuesday.  Go figure.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas tradition

Mr B and I headed south of SF yesterday evening for our annual Christmas dinner among the real people of the world. This time we returned to The Basque Cultural Center, with its tables full of large families, noise and easy atmosphere. Although it does not quite match Bertolucci's  [closed for the holidays this year  ;(   ]  for that feel of old Brooklyn in the '50s that I like, it was warm and easy.

Then we visited the Parkway Estates in South San Franciso, where they really do a bang-up job of Christmas lights. Lots of cars and tons of people out on foot to see them, including caroling. Very nice. (And 60 degrees!)


Monday, December 22, 2014

Handsome German mesomorph interlude

Couldn't ask for much more, coudja?


Pope Francis revealed

No longer a practicing Catholic, I have yet wanted the Church, once part of the 1000+ year old backbone of the West, to play its role in protecting the culture and peoples it shared in shaping, despite their current suicidality.

My areas of appreciation, always intellectual and aesthetic rather than moral, have been shrinking with the passing years. And since the arrival of Francis The Talking Pope, with the passing days. At this point, Catholicism's only contemporary value is that it refuses to bow to the feminist notion that males and females are interchangeable social constructs and that it, for this week at least, understands what marriage is, and is not. (The rest of its "social doctrine" is just leftoid sentimentality.)

Its refusal to sanction homosexual activity, while personally inconvenient, is part of its moral DNA and only a by-product of its larger sacramental task of seeing Holy Matrimony as a sacrament, which, in reality, is far more important than make less than 3% of the sexual public happy. IMHO, it really has no choice in the matter. To welcome gay marriage would be to commit suicide. Along with all the other Western White churches who are merrily slitting their own veins to the tune of Kumbaya.

But the matter of caring a damn about the European peoples who made Latin Christianity, Mother Church has now turned into Mommy Dearest, enthusiastically aiding and abetting a new Barbarian Invasion that will end either in alien domination or vast bloodshed. Rome has betrayed the West.

But back to the Argentine Jesuit pontiff of confusion and, as one theologian put it, his "hermeneutic of incoherence."

A very orthodox Catholic lay blogger has characterized the current Bishop of  Rome as "a good-hearted moron." Charitable of him. I clocked him as an exhibitionistic narcissist quite a long time ago. And to make it worse, a emotion-driven moralist with a big mouth.

In his Christmas address to the Roman Curia, the men who actually run the Vatican, he basically insults them up and down in words that he knows will be reported on a world scale. Two very orthodox priests called his tantrum "a condescending talk better given to Jesuit novices in Lent" and "sixteen paragraphs of sustained and immoderate abuse, just before Christmas." Global shaming which gives aid and comfort to his religion's enemies.

From USA Today, for example, voila: Pope Francis: Merry Christmas, you power-hungry hypocrites

On a pragmatic level, he now has a ton of resentful new haters in his court. And, as usual, He Who Blurts has given more canon fodder to the secular media to make a mockery of his church, while casting him as, literally, the Good Guy In White or, as one outlet of the media whoredom put it, "the world's BFF."

But if you read the text, it's as boringly predictable as his pot-shot filled daily sermons in the soulless modern chapel where he says Mass. He comes up with cleverly snide names for people he dislikes. It's scattershot criticism, thick with metaphor, and leaves many, including some of his honest bishops, completely baffled as to what he actually wants people to do. "Smell like sheep" and "Make a mess" are hardly actionable items.

Well, there's a simple answer to understanding this Obama clone in a mitre, and I think I have figured it out:

"Be me!"

Which, for any narcissist, is really all there is to it.


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Saturday, December 20, 2014

More multiculti mush

JK Rowling confirms that there were Jewish wizards at Hogwarts | Books | The Guardian:

And "LGBT" ones, too!


I love the Harry Potter movies. I just watched two of them yesterday. For the umpteenth time.
I forced myself to "read" the books on mp3 audio just to see how they compared and to give better ground to my opinions. And the movies are better.

On the level of plot narrative and characters, creation of an imaginative world, Ms Rowling is a truly gifted woman. While not a great writer, she is an extraordinary storyteller.

But as a moralist, she is as empty as Gene Roddenbury and Star Trek Drek.

Here again, in the above story, we have her trumpeting her all-inclusive values about Hogwarts, just to make sure we know she is orthodox and bien-pensant.

But without effect, at all.

Like Albus Dumbledore's homosexuality, the ethnic and racial, the cultural and religious "diversity" of the Wizarding World is all window-dressing in the service of highmindedness, but it has absolutely zero zip zilch nada effect on either the narrative or the characters. None of it makes the slightest bit of difference. The only character whose ethnicity has any bearing on his character is the irascible Irishman Seamus, who has a talent for blowing things up. IRA anyone? There's prominent inter-racial dating, for example, but hardly any (none, to my knowledge) inter-racial marriage.

As I said before, every single one of the characters of color could be transformed into the homogeneous and native White British mass who form the great majority of the human characters without the slightest change to anything at all but names and externals like skin color and dress. Otherwise, nothing different. Make Dumbledore straight: what's the difference? There's a Jew in Hogwarts? Who knew?

In the Wizarding World and in the world of Star Trek, all the "diverse" humans act like White British people*. Aside from externals, there is nothing distinctive about them. And in both these worlds, all the genetic differences of skill, attitude, behavior, capacity, tendency and sense of group identity are projected out onto non-human groups, other species, where it is presumably both ok and obvious. The generalizations (aka "stereotypes") that would be rejected with shrieks of horror if applied to intra-human groups are even more loudly asserted and trumpeted when applied either to non-human magicals (giants, goblins, elves, centaurs, etc.) or to non-human aliens (Vulcans, Klingons, Ferengi, Borg, etc.)

I'm not really complaining. Although Rowlings intentions are clearly to placate the Gods of the Facebook Trendings, this lack of follow-through makes the movies watchable for me.

But all this inclusive-diverse preening reveals the emptiness of the liberal PC multiculti ideology. In order to make real stories, and not just ideological cartoons, it either has to ignore or violate its own principles.

In case you'd like to hear me rant --intelligently, though, as always!-- about this, read here.

*A random thought. Maybe this is JK Rowlings' real (and gasp, racist) message, even if it is unconscious: that the way for us all to get along is for the minorities to keep their little accoutrements of skin and name but to become, in every other way, wholly English. (Except for Seamus.) Now that's a program ExC could get on board with!

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"Eat Like An Idealist"

My Facebook page's column of ads invited me to this high ethical realm.

Status-whoring disguised as "values." Morality as a marketing ploy to buoy up declining sales.

Eat like an idealist.

Whole Foods Asks Shoppers to Consider a Value Proposition - NYTimes.com:

Whole Foods embodies a chunk of what I despise in the dying culture:
you have to have more evil capitalist money in your pocket in order
to afford the refined sense of moral purity and superiority that they sell you.

I'd barf my breakfast, but that would be a waste of food...

Against my "values."

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thoughts before retiring to sleep

American Horror Story: Freak Show. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes quite touching.

This fella has done his homework about what's "Islamic." Right from the camel's mouth, in detail.

The raw truth behind the failure of multiculturalism?
...whites seem to be the only people who widely accept multiculturalism as an ideal. Whites think that if they only set aside everything about their interests, tastes, and expectations that might clash with those of other races, they can demonstrate sufficient openness and good will that non-whites will drop their resentment, hike up their pants, join hands, and help them usher in a new age of post-racial harmony. Non-whites, however, are encouraged to be as ethnocentric, aggressive, and accusatory as possible in their dealings with whites. Thus present-day multiculturalism is a formula for the exploitation and victimization of whites, which can only increase racial tensions.

This query reminded me of my last attempt to connect with daylight Christendom. The church I was going to had a real, if quirky, sense of worship. I headed off to the Christmas Eve service expecting a solemn ritual imbued with the mysticism of the Gospel of John. What I got was excruciatingly sentimental uppermiddleclass cuteness in the form of a kiddie's Christmas pageant. One more nail in the coffin.

Everything wrong with America in the last fifty years, in one photo:

 To put it crudely and simply: the Blacks succeeded in convincing the Whites that they were guilty of all the Blacks' miseries*, and then White women took advantage of that sense of moral crime and stabbed their own men in the back for the sake of their irrational egos. And there you have it: the end of America. Whites, --White men especially-- have shown themselves to be The Most Foolish People On The Planet ©.

*Although the last half century has made it clear that no matter what we do, the Africans in America are the hapless authors of their own misfortunes, for which they will always blame us. The beginning of a cure here


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yugoslavian Alphabet Stew

I have likened the LGBT thingy to a sexual Yugoslavia, the artificial encompassing within a single polity of groups that don't belong together.

Now I just read about a UnitarianUniversalist service --wouldntcha know-- for people, sorry, "folks" who are "TBLGQI".

At first I thought this was a lost South American tribe, so poor and underdeveloped that they can only afford one vowel per word, no matter how long it is.

But no, alas, it stands for

Transgender Bisexual Lesbian Gay Questioning Intersex.

Notice who gets star billing. It's the usual reflex, to take the smallest minority and make them the headliners. Transgenders are .003% --three-one-thousandths -- of the US population.



Good advice

to apply to most contemporary "dialogue", "opinion" and "discussion" on "values."

"...to realize that the question does not matter
is the first step towards answering it correctly."

GK Chesterton
A Short History of England


La trahison des clercs

As with every single reform movement of the 1960's, it metasticized. Every good idea of those days has become a deformed exaggeration of itself.

Let the Church Be a House of Wonder - Crisis Magazine:

"Only academics can think themselves into pretending to like verse without music, music without harmony, painting without skies or flowers or animals or people. Intellectuals are the original smashers of images. It was not quarry workers who demanded that their communion rails be knocked out with sledge hammers. It was not little children who pleaded with their pastors to cover paintings with whitewash. It was not housewives who demanded that the high altars with all their draperies and candelabra be replaced with tables so bare and spare that they would not do for an ordinary kitchen."

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Minority privilege

Guess who gets to keep their holiday intact and whose gets reduced to a non-offensive inclusive generic that requires the erasure of its real name?


Race has nothing to do with it!

This sacred slogan of all queens of denial has to contend, among tons of other evidence, with this:

(Even in California and New York!)

and this*:

*2012 results were not significantly different. See original, plus much more here, including a gender breakdown. (Spoiler: women of all conditions voted for O by the same large margins that men of all conditions voted for Romney.)


Monday, December 15, 2014

Deformed offspring

Spain church criticized over Cordoba monument name - Yahoo News:

You can spend your blood and treasure for 800 years to drive the African Mohammedans out of Europe, but centuries later your "evolved" descendants will be looking to stab you in the back.

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Monday Morning Miscellany

On our grey and wet, and mildly chilly, December mornings, the pleasures of life include a hot cup of strong coffee --in my trusty old thermal Starbucks mug-- and a nice chunk of panettone from Dianda's bakery in the Mission, courtesy of Mr B.

My old friend C, mon frère ainé, died on the weekend. Infirm for the last several years, it was a chromosomally-originating blood disorder which carried him off.  Blessedly, and despite my own recent negligence, I got to visit with him in Toronto while I was back East for Thanksgiving, and to say goodbye to a 37-year connection. He was a very good-hearted and very complicated man whose life was full of painful contradictions. And the best of cooks. I feel sad for the loss of him, and sad for his partner of almost 40 years, who tended to him faithfully to the very end and who must now face life without him.

I have always liked Advent. It's the introvert's season. And without the obsessive moralizing of Lent.

Mr B and I had our eighth (!) annual Santa Lucia dinner at his house on Saturday. The feast of that saint was the first time he invited me to his home for a meal, back in 2007, a few months after we first met. I remember it very well. This year the festivities included a rack of lamb (my contribution) and roast Dungeness crab (his). Yum.

How can anyone be a vegetarian?

Everyone has a dominant fault. At least one. The one of mine that I find the most irksome is procrastination, a variant of sloth. But if I could boutique my next lifetime (just imagining, not asserting at all), what other fault would I choose to dominate it instead? The seven capital sins are pride, rage, sloth, gluttony, greed, lust and envy. What a cheery set of choices.

I think I'll get back to my panettone.


Pathological altruism,continued

Australia hostage siege: Muslim leaders condemn 'criminal' act as IllRideWithYou trends worldwide - Australasia - World - The Independent:

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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Salty old Aussie broad Colleen McCullough, authoress of The Thorn Birds, opines:

"There are two types of writers: there are those who write because they can't talk. Those who talk so much no one listens any more, so they write. No prizes for guessing which I am,"


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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Suicidal Sons

Sons of Anarchy spoilers here.

As with Breaking Bad, I wound up only watching the final few episodes. Do I have a thing for endings?

Superficial comment.

Charlie Hunnam as Jax is hot stuff. Young Viking redivivus. He certainly kept my attention in all his scenes. I remarked to Mr B, who is not one to look for homoerotic subtexts, that all these hypermasculine criminal Samcro members seemed to be in love with him. "Sure," he said.  So if he saw it...

And who can blame them?

Less superficial comments.

Charlie Hunnam is a Brit. Once again, the US goes out of country to find an actor who can be both a leading man and believably lethally masculine.

Jack Donovan's brilliant distinction between being a good man and being good at being a man is played out in this character. Not a good man, he is yet definitely a man, an alpha male, with an abundance of strength, courage, skill and a code of honor. In my own terms, he is father, fighter, feeder and friend. Other men are happy to submit to follow him. And if Mr B and I are right, to fall in love with him.

The romance between Tig and Venus, a gang member falling for an MTF transexual with breasts and a penis, is unbelievable, even if the acting is top notch. That a group like Samcro would tolerate such a thing beggars belief. The liberal moralizing narrative at work, even among criminals.

And along with Jax's Christlike atoning suicide at the end of the show, we have his, again, unbelievable, decision to integrate the Sons and bring on their first Black member. The liberal combo of guilt and noblesse oblige infects the story. But hey, suicide is what liberalism is all about. Since the last 50 years have taught us what a spectacular success integration is, I guess he decided to take down the whole organization with him when he killed himself.

Even murderous criminals get to be redemptively PC.


Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Jews and Whiteness

Ashkenazi Jews are not white – Response to Haaretz article | Hila Hershkoviz | The Blogs | The Times of Israel:

Ms Hershkoviz makes a good point. She's not White and doesn't wanna be. No how.

But context is also real.

If the Jewish homeland is in western Asia, they are not really White, ie, with a homeland in Europe.
But in a race riot, as I have said, both me and Harry Schwartz --and Ms Hershoviz--would be honkeys.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Out of his field, again

Pope Francis Doesn't Really Understand This Economics Thing, Does He?:

He also doesn't understand this theology thing, either. An Orthodox blogger who agrees with my assessment of Francis' IQ:  "The man is a good-hearted moron, and I mean that in a completely non-malicious way. He is a sentimental, gushing huggy-bear and would make a great parish priest, but is in well over his head as Patriarch of an autocephalous Church."

Yet another example.

And a very bright, widely and deeply read, and orthodox Latin Catholic priest commented on Papa Bergoglio's latest stunt of suddenly asking the Patriarch of Constantinople to bless him "and the Church of Rome" leading to this:

The reverend father opines that  "the Patriarch's action of smiling and kissing the Pope's skull cap looked for all the world like the kindly, indulgent gesture of a wise parent whose impetuously unrealistic child had suddenly asked for a space-rocket in which to go to Pluto and back before nursery school tomorrow morning."

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is Mr B's most regular contribution to my life. It was his first and continues to be a wonderful gift. No one makes me laugh more.

The other day he said to me, "Even though you're a Boomer chronologically, you're really a Millennial. But, you know, the first one."


I do love the guy.



Fred On Everything:

The 2nd Amurrican Revolution.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


When people who hate you get to decide how you should talk, no, how you must talk, --and therefore eventually think--and you go along with them, even hectoring your recalcitrant comrades into conformity with the aliens' rules, have you not already surrendered? Is not your demise simply a matter of time?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anticipatory disgust

The upcoming amnesty move by The Head Negro In Charge is making my stomach sick.

It is no surprise. Long predicted. And absolutely the natural unfolding of this vicious half-breed, whose primary goal, his father's dream, is the destruction of the Whites.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Natural Outcome, continued

Thousands Sign Petition To Cancel TLC's '19 Kids And Counting' Over Stars' Anti-LGBT Sentiments:

Progress is the religion of the Liberal State, whose churchly org it is.

Achieving victim status and then protection from "discrimination" is the Liberal equivalent of canonization. The group becomes sanctified and any disrespect toward it is blasphemy.

So Blacks, Wymyn, LGBTQ's, etc. are all canonized saint groups in the New Faith and any
failure to show them abject deference tolerance is to be punished by silencing and exclusion and firing as a hater or a fearmonger or a bigot or being on the wrong side of history.

These Official Victim Groups have a monopoly on moral status. Whites, men, straights, people in ordinary marriages, etc. have none. They are, in fact, the danger that the canonized victims requires the Liberal State to protect the from.

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Global Warming!

All 50 States Hit Freezing Temperatures or Below

I mean, "Climate Change!"

Do something!

(Where's my hockey stick?)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tender Loins

A formerly free-thinking online mag, Thought Catalog, posted two articles that offended the pieties of the Progressive Religion about its two sacred tablets, race and gender. Pearls were clutched, fainting couches were crammed with legions of barely breathing Social Justice Warriors, of all genders.

Now, if you go looking for those posted articles, you find this protective barrier, a sort of mental condom:

The quotations marks are courtesy of Yours Truly.



True or False.

It's a good idea to force people who hate each other to live in the same space.


Onward, Suicidal Soldiers

From today, women can be bishops in the Church of England:

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York --yes,
the African is the Archbishop of York--sign the pact

It was a foregone conclusion. As with every institution infected with Liberalism, it was just a matter of time. Conservatives foot drag, but never win.

There may have been a time when the Church of England might have served as a bridge between Rome and Byzantium, helping perhaps to heal a breach of 1000 years. That was when it might have cared more about itself as a Christian Church than as a UK social experiment whose job it is to please its secular masters...and in this case, mistresses. But those days, if they were ever real, are long gone. The C of E is just as many fear it always was, nothing more than a department of the British State, and its total creature.

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A God to Damn Us — RADIX JOURNAL:

The god of our grandfathers, the White Christ upon whose image the West was built, is dying, as even its most fervent defenders admit. Worse, the Christian churches themselves seem determined to strike the deathblow and the Roman Church at the heart of the Western story is currently headed by a man exemplifying the caricatured post-Catholicism of The Camp of the Saints. The only thing that can save Christianity as a civilizational force--as opposed to a private lifestyle choice--is a return to the Germanic Christianity that built Europe. Unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of faith that modern American Christianity defines itself in opposition to, and the only people most Christians seem willing to champion is the Tribe that rejected their Messiah. Those Christians who are actually trying to save their faith are attacked by their own leaders.

A stomach-unsettling read.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Old Habit

Just finished listening to Brit John Keegan's A History of Warfare, which is full of fascination and new ways of looking at things. Worth a read/listen.

But I do note that he tends to describe the history of warmaking by humans as if it were the weather, mostly part of the environment, but when it come to the modern West, his moralizing moves to the fore. Inveterate liberal instinct, to excuse all others but to read one's own culture's success as some kind of ethical flaw.

Other than that, a very educational work.


Sunday, November 16, 2014


Watching a YouTube video on Jinnah. My fascination with India during the Raj and into partition continues.

I wonder if their bloody history is our future.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Saturday morning drivelfest

On Facebook, a local shaman who talks to rocks and drives away bad juju with smudge sticks finds a Christian Bible pamphlet contemptibly silly. His groovy friends contemptuously agree. No sense of irony.

A supposedly gripping and brilliant new film about the micro-invalidations and micro-aggressions suffered by so-called "African Americans" at elite universities. It's called Dear White People. My response: I. Don't. Care.

You can pretty well assume that anything "African Americans" want you to do benefits them at your expense. This sums up that history of the last fifty years of race in the US. And they care absolutely nothing about you. On the contrary. So why should you care about them?

An example of African r/strategy in breeding: Orlando Shaw's puny efforts have been outdone because Tyrone won't pay Miesha to raise Ja'Voin, having 19 other brain-deadwomen and their 25 other future-jailbait children to not-support.

A local paper which is funded entirely by business ads, features a breathlessly horrified story about well-off people in SF hiring car services to go to work rather than riding the bus. The reporter --whom I am assuming is paid with filthy lucre for his work-- calls this "capitalist and ugly." Commentors agree. Part of what makes this beautiful city ugly is the covetous resentment seething inside its high-minded denizens. Thank God the weather and geography and architecture is so beautiful.

There are good reasons, based both in facts and in ethics, to be racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, ageist, xenophobic, looksist, ableist, speciesist, heterosexist, etc. etc.

Of course the whole point of all these labels is precisely to invalidate at a stroke and without argument any empirical or moral grounds on which to disagree with the Official Position. But wishing (and shouting and screaming and carrying on with the vapors) don't make it so.

For example, you can't make a group of dumb people smarter than their genes will allow.  That's called a hate fact.

Feminism encourages women's worst traits. So says Camille Paglia. Case in point: a brilliant male scientist, part of the team that landed a probe on a comet, is reduced to tearful apologies on what would otherwise have been the best day of his life because some all-about-me victimist cunt was offended by his robust Hawaiian shirt. A good reason for women not to be involved in science. At all. Ever.

The Unitarians In Drag Episcopalians have hosted Mohammedan prayers in their National Cathedral. Inspired by pamphlets we used to get handed at the school gates back when I was at Columbia in the 60's, I hope that A. the National Cathedral staff --especially the women-- are forcibly converted to Islam, B, that the cathedral is turned into a mosque and all its sculpture and painting destroyed, C. and that it is then burned to the ground by Occidental vigilantes and D. becomes a national monument in the post-US Commonwealth, testifying to the vile fates of all traitorous dhimmis.

150 years ago today marks the beginning of Sherman's March To The Sea, with the burning of Atlanta. Though a lifelong Yank, I have recently become much more sympathetic to the Confederacy. Lincoln's sacred Gettysburg Address has the taste of ashes and blood in it: governments of, by and for the people of the South wanted out of the Union. What they got was destruction and misery.

I will say, though, in Sherman's defense, that his effort was against supplies, not people. Very few people were killed or injured by his troops in their rampaging. It was a strategy to demoralize, not to murder. Could have been a lot worse.

You may have heard the phrase, "You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you." This structure has wide application and many fillable blanks: "You may not be at war with _____, but ________ are at war with you." Any candidates come to mind? I can think of several.

Sometimes my failures of character --not my eccentric opinions, by the way-- make me ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. But, there I am.

Evangelical Christianity remains narcoleptic for me. Roman Catholicism increasingly disappointing, with loud-mouthed jerk for a Pope.

Well, back to coffee and muffin.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Reaction formation

This is a psychological term for doing exactly the opposite of what you are feeling. Psychology Wiki: "In Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, reaction formation is a defense mechanism in which anxiety-producing or unacceptable emotions are replaced by their direct opposites."

(I sometimes think that most of White Liberal behavior is reaction formation: "Don't you just love the authenticity and passion of urban hip-hop?" as a reaction formation for "Mother of God, what degenerate soul-deadening ghetto crapola trying to pass for music!" Most often, though, I despairingly think they actually buy all that shit.)

In my case, the direct opposite of celebrating the beauty of the male animal, as seen below, is a set of fantasies about the violent and messy demise of a public figure, brutal images I find myself enjoying, which provokes some anxiety even in a reprobate reactionary like Ex Cathedra. And the imagined bloodbath only begins there. So instead, enjoy this blast from the past as my defense mechanism: corn-fed ginger-blond 90's porngod Todd Gibbs aka Ethan Parker:


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where's Our Lady of Lepanto

when you need her?

The Catholic University of America now offers
a degree in Dhimmitude.

Certificate in Christian-Muslim relations:

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Who will rid us of these meddlesome clerics?

Catholic bishops back Obama acting alone on immigration - Religion News Service:

The virtual betrayal of America by the Catholic bishops continues. Part of its larger betrayal of the White West by the Church of Rome.

The Nativists had a point.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Alternative, and right

America has allowed itself to become Yugoslavia and conservatives --90%+ of whom are Whites--refuse to recognize it.

The truth is that people do not want actual freedom, no matter how much they talk it up as an ideal. They want a social group they can stand with and be proud of, an identity. This is always a combination of race, ethnicity, heritage, religion, class, and culture. 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dracula Untold

Imaginative and sympathetic cinematic take on the origin and fate of the great vampire. Computer graphics for days.

Too melodramatic and enmeshed in the wife and child department, sorta like Coppola's version: princes dominated at home by women and, in this case, by a histrionic boy child, too. Reflects, I fear, our contemporary family.

But the Muslim Turks are depicted as ruthless bad guys without redeeming qualities, which is nice.
No PC about that. The institution of taking many thousands of Christian boys as slave soldiers is not hidden or excused. It is over this historical practice that the plot develops.

Transylvania, which has always been Eastern Orthodox, is depicted as basically medieval Latin, with a few exotic Byzantine touches. Hollywood's typical condescending disdain for Christian reality.

Charles Dance, once the lankily handsome leading man in The Jewel In The Crown, and of late the evil Lannister patriarch in Game of Thrones, here plays the original vampire who turns Vlad.

I am a fan of the vampire genre and this is by no means the worst example.


Papal bull

Francis The Talking Pope, "the Pope of Mercy", has unmercifully canned his most visible orthodox competition, Cardinal Burke, and has unmercifully dumped on or virtually suppressed several orthodox persons and groups, etc. All the while making nice with Marxist journalists, Italian evangelicals, holding prayer services in the Vatican with Muslims, etc.

This is typical. Those outside get the lavish Ecumenical Treatment while the slightest deviation from loyalty to the Capo by the insiders is treated harshly, as betrayal and blasphemy. No mercy here.

By the way, it has come to me that Pope Francis is not all that smart, not nearly as intelligent as his predecessors. As an undisciplined feeling type, he lets his words simple express how he feels in the moment, uncaring of any connection over time. How I feel now is what the truth is: this is the POV of the Feeler. It makes for confused thinking. His manifesto Evangelii Gaudium read like, well, a blog. My impression of him as a narcissistic moralizer remains.  I think he doesn't understand or care about things like theological clarity, which is, after all a major Pope job description.  He just likes showing off, getting attention and having his way.


If your Italian is good, an interview with a longtime Vatican journalist supports this viewpoint.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hard Sayings, Part I

There is a group of teachings of Jesus that are often characterized as the Hard Sayings, words that are shocking or offensive. The title comes from chapter six in John's Gospel, where Jesus makes the jaw-droppingly and very anti-kosher and un-Jewish statement that, "unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall not have life in you." In response, many disciples leave saying, "This is a hard saying. Who can bear to listen to it?"

I have developed my own set of hard sayings. Even I find it hard to listen to myself write them.

My lifelong political liberalism began to fray in the late 1990's. I kept running into phenomena, realities, which were at odds with what I was told I was supposed to see. I briefly danced with libertarianism, since it gave me an exit from liberalism without forcing me into the repulsive camp of the conservatives. September 11th put an end to that ideological safe-house. And so for most of the last dozen+ years, I have been frankly among the Right. (Details here and here.)

That was bad enough for a gay man living in San Francisco's Castro. Now I find myself most in sympathy with The New Right, a traditionalist and reactionary trend that decent Conservatives find Too Much and Beyond the Pale. Largely because of its attitude toward race. It has been referred to as The Dark Enlightenment.

Progressives love to cast Conservatives as "racists", (the modern version of "witchcraft"). They are not. Conservatives are pretty much on board with the egalitarian trance that infects almost all Western thought and attitude. They merely quibble about tactics and strategy, not about fundamentals.

They all worship a version of Martin Luther King, endlessly quoting his "content of our character line" and ignoring the rest of his opus, whose unfolding disasters we now live with, and under. And they are always on the look for the next Great Black Hope, a conservative Black leader who will protect them from the "racist" clubbing of the Left...which has become, in fact, the Mainstream. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Then Herman Cain. Now Dr Ben Carson.

It is unseemly and pathetic.

This leads to the New Right dismissal of Conservatives as simply the Liberals of a previous generation, fated by their own principles ever to be beaten by their Lefty opponents. If you ask yourself what battles, either political or cultural, Conservatives have both won and maintained in the last half-century, the list is...well, what's on that list?

The Left has brilliantly embedded its ideas into the really powerful engines of human motivation: tribe and race, gender and sex, quests for status, power and money, all wrapped up in a bright shiny ethical package. The Right blathers on about abstractions like "freedom" and "individuality" and, alas, "the Constitution." The Left is a religion, with all the crusading and dogmatic zeal which only faith gives. The Right is a philosophers' club.

The New Right is a weird place. Very small. Very sectarian. Overheated. Transgressive. But that is to be expected. After all, these thinkers are standing in front of a juggernaut intent on their demise. What they have in common is a root and branch rejection of egalitarianism, the value that underlies all of contemporary Western values and which, in their opinion, is the cancer eating away at the civilization our ancestors created.

Our White ancestors.

And there's the rub. Stating the obvious, that Western civilization is White civilization, is now the ultimate taboo, unless, of course, that equivalence is part of a bill of attainder and indictment. Whites may only be mentioned in critique and for purposes of guilt and self-erasure, never never in self-assertion, pride or, worst of all, preference.

The rules are that People of Color (and their White and Whitish running dogs, back-stabbing White females perhaps the worst of them) may make war on (male) Whites but that Whites are absolutely forbidden to notice, much less resist. Burnham had it down: it is the ideology of Western suicide, dressing up self-destruction as the summit of moral achievement. Rule by victims, victim minorities above all --the more dysfunctional the better--, is the goal. And virtually achieved in a single revolutionary lifetime.

The New Right are White men who have shockingly embedded their anti-equality ideas into the same reality-based engines of motivation as the Left: first among them, racial and ethnic identity, the power of the tribe. That is the final and unforgivable sin, the reductio ad Hitlerum. "White supremacy." Progressives easily demonize and loathe them. Decent Conservatives flee in panic, fearing contamination. I sympathize. They have tough stuff to say.

It may very well be too late for us. Europeans --both in the homeland and here in North America and elsewhere-- may be doomed to extinction, like the Romans. But the virtue I find in the New Right, which is chock full of Hard Sayings, is the ring of truth.

If any of my readers think I am on the wrong track, please show me how and why.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

One thing CNN is good for

is exit polls.

(Nov 6 update:
Fox News exit polls, with a much larger N,
come to the same demographic conclusions,
but giving a lot more breakdown and detail.
For once, Fox and CNN agree.)

2014 MidTerm Elections


Well, Obama and the Democrats got a well-deserved thumping. Very enjoyable.

The Narcissist In Chief maintains it's got nothing to do with him...

But one election, a mid-term at that, does not a culture-change make. In an article about how the GOP pulled this off, one consultant makes it clear that there are two electorates, the presidential one and the mid-term one. Quite true. I have no doubt that all those folks who made the Arkansas delegation to Congress a one-party session yesterday would turn around in 2016 and vote for Hillary or whatever other Dem is on offer

With universal suffrage, elections are not unlike mood swings.

And, of course, that gift that the GOP has for squandering whatever they win is legend. What will they do with their new power? I'm not holding my breath.

But it's nice to see the Left unhappy.


Monday, November 03, 2014

Another Evil Old White Male

Fred On Everything:

On the African American community and its truly astonishing combination of minority status (13%), rampant and chronic dysfunction, and galactically disproportionate place and power in America.

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Disconnected Sabbath morning musings

It is a scandal that academic Marxists and Che-T wearing hipsters can associate themselves with the most murderously destructive ideology in all of human history --am I wrong about this?-- and not be instantly made outcasts from society.

Recent reactionary though I be, I still retain affection for some of the decadent cultural products of these times. Every Halloween, since I gave up trick-or-treating..., I watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's brilliantly odd. Tim Curry amazing.

X-rays to my knees show, happily, that there has been no significant deterioration in the last ten years, so my diagnosis of moderate osteoarthritic in those joints remains. My knees do hurt more, however. Apparently it's a combo a stress and inflammation and not likely to be chronic. Good thing, cause I like those hiking jaunts I do with Mr B.

Made it to November without having to turn on the heat. But I may need to switch to my winter set of bedclothes. It's been a bit on the cool side at night. A nice San Francisco autumn. The rains started up recently, but so far pretty mild. I remain grateful each fall that the coming winter will not be a real winter --no snow, no below-freezing temperatures-- but a kinda wet and chilly prolongation of autumn.

Observing the continued unrelenting predations of multiculturalism, feminism, etc. I suspect that the only way toward a healthier and more reality-based social order in regard to race and gender would require a frankly hostile attitude toward these two spearheads of destruction. Not a middle ground or some reasonable alternative, but passionate enmity, the open promotion of both White and male privilege (aka Western culture) that rejects the basic egalitarian dogma.  Not pretty, to be sure, but what are the real alternatives?  Given the mind and soul rot of the last half century, is that even one?

Speaking of soul rot, the Brit male host of a program about influential Brit architect Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) who designed the Viceroy's Residence in New Delhi, now the Presidential Palace, meets with a female Indian architect. We have previously been warned that Mr L held views now understood universally to be "racist." Host asks about the buildings combination of Western (aka "imperial) and Indian features. She likes the building. Says it's a jewel and a masterpiece. Practically pleading to be beaten, he asks her if it doesn't "get up her nose" just a bit when she sees its "imperial" outlines. (Please spank me, Brown Mammy, please!). She replies that it's perfect and wonderful, a brilliant mix of "imperial" and "Indian". You can see his let-down.

She mentions Lutyens' incorporation of both Indian (Hindu) and Mughal themes. Mughal means Muslim Empire. The most destructive and bloody invasion of the Indian subcontinent ever. Asswipe grovelling Brit seems not to know this, gripped with guilt over the amazingly benevolent and helpful --and brief-- British raj. I despair of the White race.

Mr Donovan eloquently takes down the groundless universal benevolence which our hipster lords and ladies expect of us, showing the stage-managed series of ethical crises to be the faddish moral exhibitionism that it is. Here's the full piece.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Down with the Sexual Yugoslavia

Hey, LG—Drop the BT - Taki's Magazine:

And while you're at it, put the G back before the L, where it belongs.
There are waaaay more G's than L's.
Majorities deserve recognition and deference.
Yes. Both.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More eeevil from ExC

In the postAmerican Commonwealth, where I write the laws as Consul, there is extremely limited due process for foreigners who cannot provide proof of legal entry and residence.

First offense, electroshock corporal punishment followed by expulsion, with signing of a document describing penalties for future offenses. Second offense, corporal punishment followed by hard labor, followed by expulsion and document signing describing third offense penalty. Third offense, summary execution.

And for any illegal foreigner who commits a crime in the Commonwealth, capital punishment.

Think I'm being too harsh?

Nah. Me neither.


Calvinists being Calvin-like

Lead Mars Hill Pastor vows to fix ‘broken and repentant church’ - Strange Bedfellows — Politics News:

Mark Driscoll, famous and recently fallen evangelical rock star, is a Calvinist. Clearly.
He has fallen not for sexual behavior or stealing, but for being domineering. And occasionally crude.
“We concluded that Pastor Mark has, at times, been guilty of arrogance, responding to conflict with a quick temper and harsh speech, and leading the staff and elders in a domineering manner. While we believe Mark needs to continue to address these areas in his life, we do not believe him to be disqualified from pastoral ministry.
Too much testosterone for the little Christians of Seattle.

I wonder how Driscoll's style of leadership would stack up next to Calvin's and Knox's.

Or would both of them likewise be kicked out by their sensitive elderboys?

Just sayin.'

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Victims now, victims forever

The truth behind America’s most famous gay-hate murder | World news | The Observer:

The Guardian, Britain's knee-jerk leftist paper, has printed this surprisingly transgressive re-reading of the death of Matthew Shepard.

Like most saints, especially secular progressive ones, and especially "martyrs", once you are canonized you are set is sacred amber. The Matthew Shepard Foundation's reaction to the info in the book is classic: My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts.

As Jack Donovan brilliantly pointed out in Androphilia, the pre-packaged gay identity is an amalgam of left-wing politics, feminist man-resentment and, as exhibited here, eternal victimism.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Pope and the Precipice - NYTimes.com:

Since I parted ways with Catholicism, I have yet retained a great admiration for it for, among other things, being a bulwark of Western Civilization.

With each passing week, my admiration shrinks.

My dislike of Francis The Talking Pope is not new. As with my dislike of Barry Hussein O, it was quick of onset. Nothing either of them have turned out to be has made me reconsider my attitude.

You have to look twice to see how many fingers he has up.

As far as immigration, crime, redistributing wealth and big government, the so-called 'Justice and Peace' issues, Catholicism is a loss. Indeed, an enemy to the West that it once helped build. Frank's recent equivalizing the death penalty and life imprisonment, though pathetic, is not surprising. The real impetus behind all these moves is that no one should be punished...(unless maybe they are a corrupt capitalist.) Retributive justice should be canned entirely, in favor of what nuns like, restorative justice.

But at least Rome is clear that men and women are not interchangeable and it stood, on paper at least, against the contraceptive mind that is part of what's emptying the world of Whites.

Now it seems that His Hipness wants to impress all the aging cool kids at the NYT and their younger clones at HuffPo by giving in entirely to the absolutely unquestionable dogmas of the White Liberals.
And we know how their kind reward the other Christian churches who have given in...they become the neutered chaplains of their contemptuous masters. After all, when your adversary gives in, what could he possible ever had to teach you?

The man is shockingly confusing. And confusing is the last thing a Bishop of Rome is supposed to be.

PS. A very kind, extremely circumspect and highly orthodox priest, an Anglican recently reconciled to Rome, points out that Francis is talking through his hat...without saying so, of course. That would be disrespectful.

The speech of Pope Francis which I began by quoting, with its initial cautions about closing oneself within the written word and the law, ended with quotations from Canon Law about the Pope's own supreme authority. But canons 749, 331, 332, 333, and 334, all of which he referenced, are, surely, the written word? And, moreover, are they not all written in ... um ... a law book?
A commentor, a layman unconstrained by the Reverend Father's ecclesiastical constraints, opines:
...I daresay the most charitable thing we can say of Pope Francis is he's a man of crude expression who nearly always fails to communicate properly.*..If one takes into consideration his ecclesiastical promotions, demotions, and assorted acts and allowances, I think it's far more likely he is confused and contradictory in his opinions, at minimum.
*Bolding mine.

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The Promise of Multiculturalism

In the midst of a legal study about the size of juries --is 12 either required or significant?-- I stumbled on this all-too-telling picture of The Jury of the American Future From Hell.

The article included it without comment. My comments you may well imagine.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

I've no right to complain

knowing that I did my own share of damage back in the OP days, but the official "hymn" chosen by the Dominican Order to celebrate its upcoming 800th year...well, I couldn't even get past the one minute mark. It takes one of the Order's mottos, "Laudare benedicere praedicare", "To praise, to bless, to preach" and turns it into a derivative Third-World idea of girly EuroPop. Embarrassingly awful.

The seal inverted, the universal sign of distress.

Reminds me of the nunny sentimentality of the 1960's hit Dominique nique nique by "Sister Smile, the Singing Nun" (whose real life was no smile.) Reminds me, too, of Cardinal Newman's reason for not joining the Dominicans, who, on paper, sounded like they fit his project: "A great idea, extinct."


Dis n' dat

In the late 18th century, Brits continued to view Brits-in-the-American-Colonies as Brits, but they were becoming something else. Another people. The Revolution cinched that. In the mid-20th century and well into the 21st, White Americans continued to view Blacks*-in-America as Americans, but they were becoming something else. Another people. What will cinch that?

(*And not only Blacks. I find it hard to believe that Latinos are American, either.)

Had my pal Bill over last night and since he is a fan of classic westerns, we watched Shane (1953), listed as one of the greatest. Sorry. I beg to differ. Waaaaaay too long and needed lots of cutting. The boring moral angst of the reformed gunslinger, in face of the obvious, left me angry more at him than at the so-called bad guys. Who, I must say, were given a voice in the script, which explained the struggle from their point of view. Rare. And the whiny wife who, in typical fashion, kept trying to castrate her husband while she made eyes at the bad boy. Well, the whole thing felt like a dishonest Democrat anti-gun project.

Well, I have more to wring my hands over, but you don't want to hear about it either.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

EuroWeenie Pope

CNS STORY: Pope Francis calls for abolishing death penalty AND life imprisonment:

I suggest that all those lifers be let go and they be delivered to the gates of Vatican City so that he can respond to them with "another type of social policy, economic policy and policy of social inclusion."

If there's room, after we deliver all those African and Muslim "migrants" he's so fond of.

Francis is the Obama of Catholicism. Despite all the evidence of history, as well as the doctrine of the Fall and Original Sin, Francis the (Endlessly) Talking Pope seems to think that there is a solution to everything, and that the government is the usual instrument. Jaw-droppingly unglued.

He is the king of confusion. I sometimes wonder if it's his narcissism or if it's a thought-disorder. In the above rambling speech, which I have read in the original Italian on the Vatican website, he, the head of the Catholic Church, says "corruption is a greater evil than sin." WFT is that supposed to mean?

OBTW, Christianity's man problem only gets worse. While feministas scream that it's the last bastion of patriarchy, a lot of men on the ground are voting with their feet and walking out of Mr Rogers religion. This article points out the saccharine music, childish preaching, ugly buildings, a pussy Jesus and girl-driven agenda.

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My morning laff

Check out the rest of it here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What If Black America Were Its Own Country?

ExCathedra has finally given up on a life-long belief --assumption, really, just taken for granted-- that the racial divide in the US is a problem that can be solved. Somehow, eventually, if we just try harder. Or elect a Black POTUS. Twice. But, alas, no. IMNSHO, the races are implacable enemies and the problem is insoluble. Nothing will ever be enough.

In St Louis

Making believe that Blacks and Whites belong together in a single country, much less share a common national identity, now makes less sense to me than imagining you could combine Germany and Poland and make it work. Or uniting China and Japan. After 50 obsessive years of endless cost in treasure and law and culture change, and blood*, things are definitely not better between us. And nothing "we" do will improve it.


The sacrosanct and holy Civil Rights thing has turned out to be a huge failure, where the always-failing minority is constantly blaming the functional majority for its own flaws.  The occasional Black voice tells the truth, that Black failures are almost entirely self-inflicted, but The Narrative is fixed and sacred: Blame Whitey.

As I have crudely mentioned on more than one occasion, Blacks are forever complaining that Whitey is "keeping them down", when the truth is that we are the only thing keeping them up. If Black America were a separate country, it would be a Third World African-style basket case. Zimbabwe. Liberia. Haiti. Detroit. Baltimore. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Even CoastalElite mouthpiece The Atlantic says so... (although they assume, I'm sure, that this is Whites' fault. I await Ta-Nehisi Coates' louder cries for "reparation.")

As very Beyond The Pale blogger and author Paul Kersey points out, you can try to ignore the Bell Curve, but it will not ignore you.

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*It's Black blood that gets the headlines, a la Ferguson, but when Blacks kill Blacks --93% of Black homicide deaths are at the hands of other Blacks-- it's Business As Usual or, more importantly, when Blacks kill Whites --in a hugely disproportionate way--  it's Crickets Chirping.


Men and Women R Different

And, in fact, opposite sexes:

Affirmative Resentment | Chateau Heartiste:

It's true of everyone that their actions are more telling than their words and that their own awareness of their true desires cannot be trusted.

With women, it's more than doubly true.

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Stalin and Sappho's Love Child

Houston, We Have a Gender-Blind Public-Restroom Problem - Taki's Magazine:

Jim Goad, at it again. Very funny. And all too twoo.

Read it all. But here's two good snippets:

The lesbian mayoress apparently expects us to believe that
if a biological male claims he’s a woman and is forbidden to use the ladies’ bathroom at Starbucks to piss away his Pumpkin Spice Latte, it is a human-rights issue rather than a case of an annoying drama queen with nothing better to do.

And on the tyranny of what he well calls "microscopic* minorities":
Until convinced otherwise, I will continue to believe that “rights” can only be taken and never given. I will also continue to suspect that the struggle over these illusory and unquantifiable “rights” has nothing to do with freedom and is instead a battle over power. I should be used to it by now, but it continues to depress me when I observe the formerly “oppressed” morphing into despots the moment they get their claws on the whip handle. 
*(Transgenders are about 3/1000 percent of the population. 003%.)

From my years working in gay/lesbian environments --including dealing with lesbian nuns while I was a cleric-- I hold the impression that the most grimly Stalinist types are almost always the dykes.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Blast from the past

Don't ask me how, but at dinner tonight with Mr B, the subject of learning to read a foreign language with a different alphabet came up. Though he speaks Spanish and Italian, both of these use the Latin alphabet and he thought it would be very difficult to add both foreign tongue and strange script. I opined that it was not that hard, really.

And for some reason, went and got my old Greek New Testament to show him.

The Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 6
The whole New Testament is in Greek, with exception of a few places
where Jesus is quoted directly in Aramaic,
his native tongue.

I've always loved and been fascinated by languages. I've read Latin well, done ok with New Testament Greek, and spoken and written French, Italian, Spanish and even German for a while. A smattering of Hebrew. Had a brief go at easy but oddly boring Esperanto and was defeated by Irish, whose spelling makes English seem as rational as Spanish spelling (which is very rational). For example, the Irish word for "almighty", uilechumhachtaigh, is pronounced illi-hoo-atah. You get my point. Even though Hebrew is in a completely different alphabet, written right to left, and uses little marks in place of vowels, I found it a more accessible tongue than the language of my Hibernian ancestors. It's written as pronounced. Fifty years after the founding of modern Israel, Israelis all speak Hebrew. Ireland has been independent since the early 20th century and no more than 10% speak Irish, despite 12 years of compulsory teaching in schools. But, Jews are smarter than Gaels, and Hebrew is easier than Irish. So there we are.

Though I neither speak nor understand any other foreign lingo, I can recognize the script of very many and can tell from listening whether someone is speaking Korean, Mandarin or Japanese.

When I was a seminarian in Rome, in some of my free time I used to work my way through the various New Testament texts. I later referred to this volume when I was a pastor and a preacher. Not for the congregation, who cared very little about the original languages, but for myself. It's one thing to read the Bible in translation and another one to know that you are reading the very words of the original, it its original 2000 years-ago tongue. It's always struck me that Koine Greek had a single verb for "to be crucified together with"....sunstaurosqunai. 


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Your Saturday Morning Hunk

Had an email correspondence with this extremely fine-looking fella several years ago. Visually, he is really extraordinary. However, I found the labyrinths in his head too labyrinthine even for me.

(If you're shallow enough to wanna see more of him, here he is.)

My own local hunk makes me very happy. He has a merry-go-round in his head. Much easier to understand and way more fun to ride. Gold rings abound.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Episcopal antics

 "If I must speak the truth, I feel disposed to shun every conference of Bishops, because I never saw a synod brought to a happy outcome, and remedying, and not rather aggravating, existing evils. For rivalry and ambition are stronger than reason - do not think me extravagant for saying so - and a mediator is more likely to incur some imputation himself than to clear up the imputations which others lie under."

St Gregory Nazienzen
382 AD

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UnNaked Man

The Great Replacement/Reversal

Once you become aware of the PC equalist RaceAndGender orthodoxy, you see it pervading everything. Numinous and Necessary Negroes, Phallic Females wall to wall in the Potemkin village of Progress. Teaching us over and over the dominance and rule by Blacks and Women are the proper order of nature.

Makes it hard to find movies or series to watch. And makes almost every commercial eye-rollingly offensive.


Scarcity, contingency and flaw

The unholy trinity of inescapeable conditions of human life that John Kekes frequently mentions.

I thought of them while listening by audiobook to Thomas Madden's 2012 Venice: A New History
, a really fine piece of accessible but thorough historiography. I take it inductively, as a portal through which to re-read the history of the eastern Mediterranean world. Venice, which I've had the good fortune to visit twice, turns out to have been a quite extraordinary city-state, a maritime and mercantile enclave, far more creative and consequential than I had imagined. It was the only republic in Europe for 1000 years.

But over and over, events spiral out of control --that seems to be their nature-- and disaster ensues. Since Venice started to come into existence in the 5th century, precisely to escape the dangers and turmoil of the dissolving Western Roman Empire, it had a long time to experience the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as well as the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.

What sparks this post is Thessalonika, the Greek city to which St Paul wrote two of his epistles.
We are in the 15th century in the book. Shortly before the fall of Byzantium in 1453 the Emperor desperately tried to save Thessalonika from the Turks by selling it to Venice. The Venetians took over this Greek city with quite a lot of noble attitudes: they brought security, lots of food, and they respected the independence of the Orthodox Church and the institutions and civil rights of the town.

But the Greeks found the Italians too cocky and they didn't like the food. They complained bitterly and regularly to Venice, which responded with extraordinary indulgence. Nevertheless, the upshot was that when the Turks finally attacked the town, the Greeks not only refused to help defend it but betrayed it to the Muslims. For which the Sultan rewarded them by slaughtering and enslaving them. The Genoese, long rivals of Venice, helped the Muslims take down their Christian brethren. A few years later, Mehmet the Conqueror, head of The Religion of Peace, finally captured Constantinople, with the usual slaughter and rape and enslavement and destruction, and final remnant of ancient Rome was gone, a thousand years after Alaric sacked the original city on the Tiber.

Empires come and go. Such seems to be the iron law of history. And the meanest flaws in the human soul seem to flourish precisely when their opposite virtues are most needed.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Man not boy

Late 40's, Texas. Nice tattoo...though I prefer Western dragons on Western men.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Son of Obama on the loose

Police: Woman stabbed in attempted Berkeley carjacking dies - ContraCostaTimes.com:

72 year old White woman tending garden at the Berkeley Zen Center murdered by feral youf.

Did he have a hoodie and Skittles and tea?

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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Progressives H8 difference

Every progressive project was undertaken in opposition to the then-current dominant belief and practice. Racial and sexual politics has been the forum. Conservatives took up a defense of their position and fought out the issue in the public forum.

And always lost.*

But notice. Once the Progressive goal du jour is achieved, there can be no more discussion.

The new dispensation is a sacred icon, untouchable and beyond question. Try having a public discussion now where you reject same-sex marriage. You are simply a H8er and have no right to an opinion.

Much less wondering out loud about racial or gender equality. Or questioning the wisdom of mixed race marriage, etc. Ostracism, loss of income, even physical attack will follow.

As the Ebonics say, "Don't even try it."

Under the previous regime, you could fight to have your idea accepted.
Once the Progressives win, you may not beg to differ.


*The defeat of the feminist Equal Rights amendment is an exception. But that was only one battle in a war that feminists have entirely won.

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