Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A God to Damn Us — RADIX JOURNAL:

The god of our grandfathers, the White Christ upon whose image the West was built, is dying, as even its most fervent defenders admit. Worse, the Christian churches themselves seem determined to strike the deathblow and the Roman Church at the heart of the Western story is currently headed by a man exemplifying the caricatured post-Catholicism of The Camp of the Saints. The only thing that can save Christianity as a civilizational force--as opposed to a private lifestyle choice--is a return to the Germanic Christianity that built Europe. Unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of faith that modern American Christianity defines itself in opposition to, and the only people most Christians seem willing to champion is the Tribe that rejected their Messiah. Those Christians who are actually trying to save their faith are attacked by their own leaders.

A stomach-unsettling read.

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Anonymous said...

I pity you, Ex. Is this what despair looks like, seen from the outside?

I recognize myself in this fatalism. It brought me nothing be sorrow and frustration. And yet you choose to embrace it?

If you have no hope, why not just end it? if there is no way to stop the decline, why not take your leave before your appointed time? Why continue your apparent psychological agony?

I do not ask this to goad you to suicide. I merely wonder: if life will not, cannot improve, and will only worsen, why continue to live?


OreamnosAmericanus said...

There are several ways to answer this. I will simply say Thanks for your concern.

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