Saturday, November 01, 2014

Disconnected Sabbath morning musings

It is a scandal that academic Marxists and Che-T wearing hipsters can associate themselves with the most murderously destructive ideology in all of human history --am I wrong about this?-- and not be instantly made outcasts from society.

Recent reactionary though I be, I still retain affection for some of the decadent cultural products of these times. Every Halloween, since I gave up trick-or-treating..., I watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's brilliantly odd. Tim Curry amazing.

X-rays to my knees show, happily, that there has been no significant deterioration in the last ten years, so my diagnosis of moderate osteoarthritic in those joints remains. My knees do hurt more, however. Apparently it's a combo a stress and inflammation and not likely to be chronic. Good thing, cause I like those hiking jaunts I do with Mr B.

Made it to November without having to turn on the heat. But I may need to switch to my winter set of bedclothes. It's been a bit on the cool side at night. A nice San Francisco autumn. The rains started up recently, but so far pretty mild. I remain grateful each fall that the coming winter will not be a real winter --no snow, no below-freezing temperatures-- but a kinda wet and chilly prolongation of autumn.

Observing the continued unrelenting predations of multiculturalism, feminism, etc. I suspect that the only way toward a healthier and more reality-based social order in regard to race and gender would require a frankly hostile attitude toward these two spearheads of destruction. Not a middle ground or some reasonable alternative, but passionate enmity, the open promotion of both White and male privilege (aka Western culture) that rejects the basic egalitarian dogma.  Not pretty, to be sure, but what are the real alternatives?  Given the mind and soul rot of the last half century, is that even one?

Speaking of soul rot, the Brit male host of a program about influential Brit architect Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) who designed the Viceroy's Residence in New Delhi, now the Presidential Palace, meets with a female Indian architect. We have previously been warned that Mr L held views now understood universally to be "racist." Host asks about the buildings combination of Western (aka "imperial) and Indian features. She likes the building. Says it's a jewel and a masterpiece. Practically pleading to be beaten, he asks her if it doesn't "get up her nose" just a bit when she sees its "imperial" outlines. (Please spank me, Brown Mammy, please!). She replies that it's perfect and wonderful, a brilliant mix of "imperial" and "Indian". You can see his let-down.

She mentions Lutyens' incorporation of both Indian (Hindu) and Mughal themes. Mughal means Muslim Empire. The most destructive and bloody invasion of the Indian subcontinent ever. Asswipe grovelling Brit seems not to know this, gripped with guilt over the amazingly benevolent and helpful --and brief-- British raj. I despair of the White race.

Mr Donovan eloquently takes down the groundless universal benevolence which our hipster lords and ladies expect of us, showing the stage-managed series of ethical crises to be the faddish moral exhibitionism that it is. Here's the full piece.


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