Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Saturday morning drivelfest

On Facebook, a local shaman who talks to rocks and drives away bad juju with smudge sticks finds a Christian Bible pamphlet contemptibly silly. His groovy friends contemptuously agree. No sense of irony.

A supposedly gripping and brilliant new film about the micro-invalidations and micro-aggressions suffered by so-called "African Americans" at elite universities. It's called Dear White People. My response: I. Don't. Care.

You can pretty well assume that anything "African Americans" want you to do benefits them at your expense. This sums up that history of the last fifty years of race in the US. And they care absolutely nothing about you. On the contrary. So why should you care about them?

An example of African r/strategy in breeding: Orlando Shaw's puny efforts have been outdone because Tyrone won't pay Miesha to raise Ja'Voin, having 19 other brain-deadwomen and their 25 other future-jailbait children to not-support.

A local paper which is funded entirely by business ads, features a breathlessly horrified story about well-off people in SF hiring car services to go to work rather than riding the bus. The reporter --whom I am assuming is paid with filthy lucre for his work-- calls this "capitalist and ugly." Commentors agree. Part of what makes this beautiful city ugly is the covetous resentment seething inside its high-minded denizens. Thank God the weather and geography and architecture is so beautiful.

There are good reasons, based both in facts and in ethics, to be racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, ageist, xenophobic, looksist, ableist, speciesist, heterosexist, etc. etc.

Of course the whole point of all these labels is precisely to invalidate at a stroke and without argument any empirical or moral grounds on which to disagree with the Official Position. But wishing (and shouting and screaming and carrying on with the vapors) don't make it so.

For example, you can't make a group of dumb people smarter than their genes will allow.  That's called a hate fact.

Feminism encourages women's worst traits. So says Camille Paglia. Case in point: a brilliant male scientist, part of the team that landed a probe on a comet, is reduced to tearful apologies on what would otherwise have been the best day of his life because some all-about-me victimist cunt was offended by his robust Hawaiian shirt. A good reason for women not to be involved in science. At all. Ever.

The Unitarians In Drag Episcopalians have hosted Mohammedan prayers in their National Cathedral. Inspired by pamphlets we used to get handed at the school gates back when I was at Columbia in the 60's, I hope that A. the National Cathedral staff --especially the women-- are forcibly converted to Islam, B, that the cathedral is turned into a mosque and all its sculpture and painting destroyed, C. and that it is then burned to the ground by Occidental vigilantes and D. becomes a national monument in the post-US Commonwealth, testifying to the vile fates of all traitorous dhimmis.

150 years ago today marks the beginning of Sherman's March To The Sea, with the burning of Atlanta. Though a lifelong Yank, I have recently become much more sympathetic to the Confederacy. Lincoln's sacred Gettysburg Address has the taste of ashes and blood in it: governments of, by and for the people of the South wanted out of the Union. What they got was destruction and misery.

I will say, though, in Sherman's defense, that his effort was against supplies, not people. Very few people were killed or injured by his troops in their rampaging. It was a strategy to demoralize, not to murder. Could have been a lot worse.

You may have heard the phrase, "You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you." This structure has wide application and many fillable blanks: "You may not be at war with _____, but ________ are at war with you." Any candidates come to mind? I can think of several.

Sometimes my failures of character --not my eccentric opinions, by the way-- make me ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. But, there I am.

Evangelical Christianity remains narcoleptic for me. Roman Catholicism increasingly disappointing, with loud-mouthed jerk for a Pope.

Well, back to coffee and muffin.


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