Sunday, November 09, 2014

Papal bull

Francis The Talking Pope, "the Pope of Mercy", has unmercifully canned his most visible orthodox competition, Cardinal Burke, and has unmercifully dumped on or virtually suppressed several orthodox persons and groups, etc. All the while making nice with Marxist journalists, Italian evangelicals, holding prayer services in the Vatican with Muslims, etc.

This is typical. Those outside get the lavish Ecumenical Treatment while the slightest deviation from loyalty to the Capo by the insiders is treated harshly, as betrayal and blasphemy. No mercy here.

By the way, it has come to me that Pope Francis is not all that smart, not nearly as intelligent as his predecessors. As an undisciplined feeling type, he lets his words simple express how he feels in the moment, uncaring of any connection over time. How I feel now is what the truth is: this is the POV of the Feeler. It makes for confused thinking. His manifesto Evangelii Gaudium read like, well, a blog. My impression of him as a narcissistic moralizer remains.  I think he doesn't understand or care about things like theological clarity, which is, after all a major Pope job description.  He just likes showing off, getting attention and having his way.


If your Italian is good, an interview with a longtime Vatican journalist supports this viewpoint.


SupplicantApplicant said...

Showing off and getting your way sounds great.

Unknown said...

There are Italian Evangelicals?

OreamnosAmericanus said...

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