Thursday, December 11, 2014

Suicidal Sons

Sons of Anarchy spoilers here.

As with Breaking Bad, I wound up only watching the final few episodes. Do I have a thing for endings?

Superficial comment.

Charlie Hunnam as Jax is hot stuff. Young Viking redivivus. He certainly kept my attention in all his scenes. I remarked to Mr B, who is not one to look for homoerotic subtexts, that all these hypermasculine criminal Samcro members seemed to be in love with him. "Sure," he said.  So if he saw it...

And who can blame them?

Less superficial comments.

Charlie Hunnam is a Brit. Once again, the US goes out of country to find an actor who can be both a leading man and believably lethally masculine.

Jack Donovan's brilliant distinction between being a good man and being good at being a man is played out in this character. Not a good man, he is yet definitely a man, an alpha male, with an abundance of strength, courage, skill and a code of honor. In my own terms, he is father, fighter, feeder and friend. Other men are happy to submit to follow him. And if Mr B and I are right, to fall in love with him.

The romance between Tig and Venus, a gang member falling for an MTF transexual with breasts and a penis, is unbelievable, even if the acting is top notch. That a group like Samcro would tolerate such a thing beggars belief. The liberal moralizing narrative at work, even among criminals.

And along with Jax's Christlike atoning suicide at the end of the show, we have his, again, unbelievable, decision to integrate the Sons and bring on their first Black member. The liberal combo of guilt and noblesse oblige infects the story. But hey, suicide is what liberalism is all about. Since the last 50 years have taught us what a spectacular success integration is, I guess he decided to take down the whole organization with him when he killed himself.

Even murderous criminals get to be redemptively PC.



Anonymous said...

Catholic Pharisee Mark Shea has puffed himself up to declare from his soapbox that Catholics who support Islamic savages being deprived of sleep for a couple days are no better than Catholics who claim that abortion is okay.

Blow me. Contrary to what you simple mind thinks, Mark, the world does not fall into neat little categories of black and white. Anybody who has any real world experience and is not either mentally retarded or clinically insane (still can't decide which one you are, Marky) knows that there's a damn good amount of gray, perhaps more gray than either black or white.

The world laughs at your attempts to navigate it without getting your hands dirty. Face it, Mr. Shea: we're at least as much animal as we are angel, perhaps more, and even angels can do very, very bad things to very, very bad people.

If you want to continue to worship the one-of-many Canaanite control freak some unwashed fanatics hopped up to One and Only God status millennia ago, Mark, be my guest. As for me, I'll go for the gods of the world that makes you sweat at night.

I just hope he punishes you for losing him a soul with your blathering.


DrAndroSF said...

I am sure I am not the first to tell you this, Sean, but you are a very talented writer. Wherever you wind up in your travels, it's an activity you should continue and maybe ever pursue.

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