Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thoughts before retiring to sleep

American Horror Story: Freak Show. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes quite touching.

This fella has done his homework about what's "Islamic." Right from the camel's mouth, in detail.

The raw truth behind the failure of multiculturalism?
...whites seem to be the only people who widely accept multiculturalism as an ideal. Whites think that if they only set aside everything about their interests, tastes, and expectations that might clash with those of other races, they can demonstrate sufficient openness and good will that non-whites will drop their resentment, hike up their pants, join hands, and help them usher in a new age of post-racial harmony. Non-whites, however, are encouraged to be as ethnocentric, aggressive, and accusatory as possible in their dealings with whites. Thus present-day multiculturalism is a formula for the exploitation and victimization of whites, which can only increase racial tensions.

This query reminded me of my last attempt to connect with daylight Christendom. The church I was going to had a real, if quirky, sense of worship. I headed off to the Christmas Eve service expecting a solemn ritual imbued with the mysticism of the Gospel of John. What I got was excruciatingly sentimental uppermiddleclass cuteness in the form of a kiddie's Christmas pageant. One more nail in the coffin.

Everything wrong with America in the last fifty years, in one photo:

 To put it crudely and simply: the Blacks succeeded in convincing the Whites that they were guilty of all the Blacks' miseries*, and then White women took advantage of that sense of moral crime and stabbed their own men in the back for the sake of their irrational egos. And there you have it: the end of America. Whites, --White men especially-- have shown themselves to be The Most Foolish People On The Planet ©.

*Although the last half century has made it clear that no matter what we do, the Africans in America are the hapless authors of their own misfortunes, for which they will always blame us. The beginning of a cure here


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