Monday, December 22, 2014

Pope Francis revealed

No longer a practicing Catholic, I have yet wanted the Church, once part of the 1000+ year old backbone of the West, to play its role in protecting the culture and peoples it shared in shaping, despite their current suicidality.

My areas of appreciation, always intellectual and aesthetic rather than moral, have been shrinking with the passing years. And since the arrival of Francis The Talking Pope, with the passing days. At this point, Catholicism's only contemporary value is that it refuses to bow to the feminist notion that males and females are interchangeable social constructs and that it, for this week at least, understands what marriage is, and is not. (The rest of its "social doctrine" is just leftoid sentimentality.)

Its refusal to sanction homosexual activity, while personally inconvenient, is part of its moral DNA and only a by-product of its larger sacramental task of seeing Holy Matrimony as a sacrament, which, in reality, is far more important than make less than 3% of the sexual public happy. IMHO, it really has no choice in the matter. To welcome gay marriage would be to commit suicide. Along with all the other Western White churches who are merrily slitting their own veins to the tune of Kumbaya.

But the matter of caring a damn about the European peoples who made Latin Christianity, Mother Church has now turned into Mommy Dearest, enthusiastically aiding and abetting a new Barbarian Invasion that will end either in alien domination or vast bloodshed. Rome has betrayed the West.

But back to the Argentine Jesuit pontiff of confusion and, as one theologian put it, his "hermeneutic of incoherence."

A very orthodox Catholic lay blogger has characterized the current Bishop of  Rome as "a good-hearted moron." Charitable of him. I clocked him as an exhibitionistic narcissist quite a long time ago. And to make it worse, a emotion-driven moralist with a big mouth.

In his Christmas address to the Roman Curia, the men who actually run the Vatican, he basically insults them up and down in words that he knows will be reported on a world scale. Two very orthodox priests called his tantrum "a condescending talk better given to Jesuit novices in Lent" and "sixteen paragraphs of sustained and immoderate abuse, just before Christmas." Global shaming which gives aid and comfort to his religion's enemies.

From USA Today, for example, voila: Pope Francis: Merry Christmas, you power-hungry hypocrites

On a pragmatic level, he now has a ton of resentful new haters in his court. And, as usual, He Who Blurts has given more canon fodder to the secular media to make a mockery of his church, while casting him as, literally, the Good Guy In White or, as one outlet of the media whoredom put it, "the world's BFF."

But if you read the text, it's as boringly predictable as his pot-shot filled daily sermons in the soulless modern chapel where he says Mass. He comes up with cleverly snide names for people he dislikes. It's scattershot criticism, thick with metaphor, and leaves many, including some of his honest bishops, completely baffled as to what he actually wants people to do. "Smell like sheep" and "Make a mess" are hardly actionable items.

Well, there's a simple answer to understanding this Obama clone in a mitre, and I think I have figured it out:

"Be me!"

Which, for any narcissist, is really all there is to it.


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