Saturday, October 25, 2014

I've no right to complain

knowing that I did my own share of damage back in the OP days, but the official "hymn" chosen by the Dominican Order to celebrate its upcoming 800th year...well, I couldn't even get past the one minute mark. It takes one of the Order's mottos, "Laudare benedicere praedicare", "To praise, to bless, to preach" and turns it into a derivative Third-World idea of girly EuroPop. Embarrassingly awful.

The seal inverted, the universal sign of distress.

Reminds me of the nunny sentimentality of the 1960's hit Dominique nique nique by "Sister Smile, the Singing Nun" (whose real life was no smile.) Reminds me, too, of Cardinal Newman's reason for not joining the Dominicans, who, on paper, sounded like they fit his project: "A great idea, extinct."


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