Wednesday, October 01, 2014

And now for something completely familiar

Everything where it should be, in proper amounts. Wonderful thing, mesomorphs.

23 years ago today, I arrived in SF from Toronto after 2700 mile truck trek.

City much improved since then.,, We now have inlaid rainbow crosswalks in the Castro!

and a Rainbow Walk of Fame, including a plaque for Yukio Mishima, who, were he alive, would be reviled by the LGBTQ regime as a self-loathing, patriarchy-loving, fascist. And the contempt would be mutual.

Funny what being dead and Asian can get you.

Slept only 2 hours last nite; awake til almost 5. No idea why. So I took a nap mid afternoon and now feel drugged and disoriented. Regular sleep is a blessing you most recognize when you don't have it.

Started arrangements to have my mom's car transported out here. A cut-throat business. Found an agent/company whose BBB and Yelp ratings are extraordinarily good. Fingers crossed. Losing my car back in 2010 was a blow. The prospect of having one back now feels sorta self-indulgent.



StatusQuo said...

"Drugged and disoriented" is why I read this blog.
Sounds like you didn't sleep well. Join the crowd.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Thanks for caring!

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