Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What If Black America Were Its Own Country?

ExCathedra has finally given up on a life-long belief --assumption, really, just taken for granted-- that the racial divide in the US is a problem that can be solved. Somehow, eventually, if we just try harder. Or elect a Black POTUS. Twice. But, alas, no. IMNSHO, the races are implacable enemies and the problem is insoluble. Nothing will ever be enough.

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Making believe that Blacks and Whites belong together in a single country, much less share a common national identity, now makes less sense to me than imagining you could combine Germany and Poland and make it work. Or uniting China and Japan. After 50 obsessive years of endless cost in treasure and law and culture change, and blood*, things are definitely not better between us. And nothing "we" do will improve it.


The sacrosanct and holy Civil Rights thing has turned out to be a huge failure, where the always-failing minority is constantly blaming the functional majority for its own flaws.  The occasional Black voice tells the truth, that Black failures are almost entirely self-inflicted, but The Narrative is fixed and sacred: Blame Whitey.

As I have crudely mentioned on more than one occasion, Blacks are forever complaining that Whitey is "keeping them down", when the truth is that we are the only thing keeping them up. If Black America were a separate country, it would be a Third World African-style basket case. Zimbabwe. Liberia. Haiti. Detroit. Baltimore. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Even CoastalElite mouthpiece The Atlantic says so... (although they assume, I'm sure, that this is Whites' fault. I await Ta-Nehisi Coates' louder cries for "reparation.")

As very Beyond The Pale blogger and author Paul Kersey points out, you can try to ignore the Bell Curve, but it will not ignore you.

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*It's Black blood that gets the headlines, a la Ferguson, but when Blacks kill Blacks --93% of Black homicide deaths are at the hands of other Blacks-- it's Business As Usual or, more importantly, when Blacks kill Whites --in a hugely disproportionate way--  it's Crickets Chirping.


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