Thursday, October 23, 2014

EuroWeenie Pope

CNS STORY: Pope Francis calls for abolishing death penalty AND life imprisonment:

I suggest that all those lifers be let go and they be delivered to the gates of Vatican City so that he can respond to them with "another type of social policy, economic policy and policy of social inclusion."

If there's room, after we deliver all those African and Muslim "migrants" he's so fond of.

Francis is the Obama of Catholicism. Despite all the evidence of history, as well as the doctrine of the Fall and Original Sin, Francis the (Endlessly) Talking Pope seems to think that there is a solution to everything, and that the government is the usual instrument. Jaw-droppingly unglued.

He is the king of confusion. I sometimes wonder if it's his narcissism or if it's a thought-disorder. In the above rambling speech, which I have read in the original Italian on the Vatican website, he, the head of the Catholic Church, says "corruption is a greater evil than sin." WFT is that supposed to mean?

OBTW, Christianity's man problem only gets worse. While feministas scream that it's the last bastion of patriarchy, a lot of men on the ground are voting with their feet and walking out of Mr Rogers religion. This article points out the saccharine music, childish preaching, ugly buildings, a pussy Jesus and girl-driven agenda.

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