Friday, August 16, 2013

White Privilege

"White Privilege" is a fraud.

Along with all the other "privileges": male, abled, English-speaking, tall and, my favorite, "cisgendered."

If a group really had privilege, that is, group status, then no one would dare point it out, much less feel free to use it as an accusation or expect the members of this group to take you seriously, even more astoundingly, force you to go through a de-programming course about it.

We can be accused of racism on the slightest pretext and immediately have to go into defense mode, with the outcome clear. As with witchcraft --which is the pre-modern equivalent of "racism"-- once you are accused, you are guilty, even if you escape the pyre.

The three pillars of group success are wealth, power and status. Whites still hold (and create) most of the wealth, and even though they implicitly accept that they don't deserve it and acquiesce to its loss, most of the power. But Whites have completely surrendered their status. It is a Potemkin village status, very much like the status of a dying and unloved rich old uncle or a termite-infested wooden house.

Otherwise why would we condescend to pay attention to the manipulative whinings of an Oprah Winfrey about her $38,000 purse*, or accept that a White rodeo clown be punished for wearing an Obama mask while thousands of our fellow Whites are being slaughtered by Black savages in South Africa?

We have lost our status because we are The Most Foolish People On the Planet (c).


*Or pay money to see The Butler, which will once more drag out the Passion Play of noble and wise Black victimization and White evil. Regular readers will know that ExC sees these films --like The Help-- as nothing more than propaganda decoys, sermonizing past grievances in order to keep White Guilt alive so that the complete and self-induced meltdown of Blacks in America may continue to be compulsorily ignored. This is Black Privilege, granting moral highground victim status on the basis of skin color, wholly apart from any personal achievement. Scam 101.

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Anonymous said...

There is a young gay Kansan named Graham on tumblr, who has frequently ranted about how anybody who is not white, male, straight, "cisgendered," is absolved of personal responsibility. He takes frequent flack for having transformed himself from an out-of-shape slob to a rather attractive man, and for being attracted to masculine men, which is apparently "homophobic." Combine that with a vocal disdain for social justice nuts, and it's a wonder that he associates himself as much with the gay community as he seems to. Might be a prime candidate to send a copy of "Androphilia" to and see what happens. His tumblr is "" if you want to give it a look yourself.

I know this doesn't really have to do with the post, except for the similarities in your thinking about "privilage." That, and he's a damn sexy ginger. Voice isn't what I would've expected, but he's still seems like good boyfriend material. :)


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