Saturday, August 03, 2013


coming home to Roosskie.

Lots of agitation in the gaysphere about new anti-gay laws in Russia, especially in light of the Winter Olympics to be held there at Sochi.

I certainly don't blame gays for the homegrown dislike of homos in Russia. But if you are a Russian not of the Davos Man persuasion and see what effects the LGBT movement has had in the West, --- to say nothing of Pussy Riot's desecration of a highly symbolic Moscow Cathedral--why would you not put your foot down early and hard?

You should welcome gay liberation when you know that down the road ordinary businesspeople will be sued for not wanting to photograph samesex weddings or make samesex wedding cakes, or fined and silenced for hatespeech for quoting the Bible? The Church of England is now being sued to force it to hold gay weddings. If you learn anything about gay politics, --or any liberal grievance victim group--it is that it is never enough: each step won is only preliminary to the next one. So why not nip the whole thing in the bud?

LGBTs in America constitute between 3-4% of the population, no more by the latest info.That's the gay men and the lesbians and the bisexuals and the transgenders all together. You could put us all into the state of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country would be completely empty of LGBTs. Can you imagine one state having this much power? And for this tiny demographic, think of all the legal changes in the last decades.

[While I'm at it with my theme of minority dominance, you could fit all the Jews (2%) into the state of Washington. All the Blacks (12%) into California. All the Muslims --less than 1%-- into Arkansas.]

Really, boyz and girlz, how can you be surprised that the Rooskies (among others) have decided to respond so negatively?

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