Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer idyll

The bigger town 3 miles from "Sasquatch." 

People born in the 1600s are buried here. 

The railroad station

So I feel at home..;)


Anonymous said...

Why did the antique shop sign make you feel at home? Do you have a thing for antiquing, or do you consider yourself antique and odd?



OreamnosAmericanus said...

As Mr B often says to me when I pose these kinds of questions, "The answer is obvious."

Anonymous said...

After last night, decided to do some digging into fainting. I happened across vasovagal syncope, or situational fainting. Lo and behold, two of its known causes are sudden onset of extreme emotion, especially terror, and witnessing medical procedures. Expressing sudden terror at the removal of a sedated man's cranium and knowing that it is going to be fed to him fits both to a tee, which explains why the syncope was so sudden and intense. And wouldn't you know, one of the treatments, especially if the trigger is mental/emotional, is exposure therapy: my second reaction to the Punisher scene was not nearly as intense. Case closed.

My last comment last night was written as I was still recovering from the shock. I was probably as close to primal animal fear as I could get and still be coherent. Now that I'm in a calmer state of mind, I can appreciate the twisted creativity of it all, but still. Yikes.


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