Friday, August 23, 2013

Female BS

LCWR leaders announce 'honest sharing of views' with Vatican delegate, but no plans for reform : News Headlines - Catholic Culture:

I continue to be astonished at the empty BS rhetoric that these women specialize in. Such inflated language.

 “a resolution of this situation that maintains the integrity of LCWR and is healthy for the whole church."
 “a profound and honest sharing of views.”
“extraordinarily rich and deeply reverent conversation.”
“As women of the Church, we will discern how to move through the turbulent aftermath of the doctrinal assessment…
 “The processes of inclusion and dialogue needed today may demand great suffering on our part as we work to create such processes…
 “We are privileged to live in a time of unprecedented challenges and grace.”
“In deep solidarity with each other, our sisters in other countries beyond our own and our other lay sisters and brothers around the world, we hear the call to respond to the God of the future, who invites us into waters of new life. This places us in situations of possibility and peril at every turn.”
“Our fidelity to and love of God’s people and our commitment to the Gospel and our vocation directs our path and that our way of being in the world is one of compassion and love. Thus, in the next three years, the critical issue before us is to be who we say we are and who God calls us to become, for the life of the world, keenly aware of the costly graces.”

This is all about feelings and bloviating and nothing about substance, all about process and not ideas. The bad feminine.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the days when Rome would hand down ultimatums like, "Either be in communion with Rome or a synagogue of Satan."? Either the teachings of the Church brook no argument, in which case heresy is intolerable, or the teachings of the Church are up for discussion, in which case heresy is not heresy at all, but rather just a difference of views. The fact that Rome continues to tolerate these women astounds me. We're still talking about the Catholic Church, right?


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