Saturday, August 03, 2013

Creepy faggots

Hey, if Blacks can say Nigger, then I can say Faggot. Ain't that right, bitch?

This queen is gonna sue the CofE because she's sooooo upset that she's not getting the lavish ceremony that she wants.

The whole liberal agenda in one sentence: I am still not getting what I want!

The PJ Tatler » Gay Couple to Sue Church of England to Force It to Perform Gay Weddings:

I'd rather have a beer with the Hell's Angels than sit in the same room with these queers.

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Anonymous said...

Life's. Not. Fair. When people accepted that the order of things was immutable and any attempt to alter it was a grave sin, they were a lot happier with their lot. I'm starting to think every negative statement I've ever heard against homosexuals has been warranted. If I am conservative, I am so only because I reject the "let the world burn for my pleasure" selfishness that liberalism engenders. I fear that even toleration is too dangerous: look where that brought us.

I think you are missing an angle with the Russia situation. If we accept the 9 global civilizations theory, Russia is the center of the Orthodox civilization. Thus, the push-back against Russian homosexuals (who I also hold to be more or less blameless, I blame Pussy Riot) is a part of typical civilizational conflict. Putin is a confrontational man; anything the Westerners do, the Orthodox will reject.


Mr. Freeze said...

I've had many beers with several different Hell's Angels and other assorted bikers, over the years

Trust me. They're awesome.

And far more often than not ... treated the queens with far more decency and respect than the queens generally treated them.

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