Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The calendar for my niece's new school, a petri dish for making rich NY liberals, lists Jewish holidays by name, but erases Christmas and Easter into Winter and Spring celebrations. Not an accident.

An in-flight trivia game tells us that the king who "allegedly" slaughtered the innocents of Bethlehem was King Herod.

My neighbor on the flight offered me her pretzel snacks because, as she said, "I'm gluten-free." Thanks for sharing.

Although the seats on Delta flights are irksomely uncomfortable for a man of my size, I have to say that the Delta employees, every one of them, were very affable and helpful. (Oh, and the touch screens on their planes suck.)

Watched some Jewel In The Crown while on the plane. Have it on my laptop, thanks to The Pirate Bay. Another aspect of the story which I had largely missed is that two of the heroic Brit characters, Sarah and Guy, --both blondes, btw--who disdain the Raj and its racism are perfectly happy with their class-based contempt for fellow White Ronald Merrick, the overt, but not the real, villain of the piece

I forget, because SFO is really so compact, that getting from the front door of a terminal at JFK, through the maze of security and to your gate, usually requires walking a half mile or more. At least it feels that way.

I just recently installed the Find My iPhone app on my phone and on my PC. So when I discovered the phone gone yesterday at the airport, I was able to locate it pretty exactly, inside the huge Delta terminal. A big thanks to my ex Thomas, who helped me install the app. (And once again, to B, for his generous bday gift.)

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