Wednesday, August 07, 2013

True Tween

I no longer watch True Blood, but I do watch the trailers and the episode summaries. That's bad enough.

But I notice a weird commonality between TB and the tweener hit series, Twilight. Both of them star a girl who is the object of the insane passion of two competing males.

Female vanity. It explains a great deal of our post-feminist culture. Galaxies of unreality designed to make girls feel better about themselves.

And, of course, given my orientational diversity (!), I fail to see the attraction. Bella always was a dud. Sookie had some spark but now she is what the Blacks and Gays call "a hot mess."

As usual, I think Jacob and Edward, and Eric and Bill would make better couplings, sans the girls

Actually, Jacob and Eric...or Jacob and Alcide...or Alcide and Jason.

Go back to sleep, ExC.

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Anonymous said...

From what I heard, Jason ends up in prison and starts a whirlwind relationship with a vampire named Violet- a Polish chick from the Middle Ages who considers herself Catholic, but "bad-ass, medieval times Catholic," not the "modern world bullshit" of modern Catholicism. She also believes that romantic unions, like those between her and Jason, are sacred.

Sounds a little familiar, eh Ex? ;)

BTW, Jason has some nice chemistry with the new villain Ben, and even has an erotic dream in which he is shaving naked with Ben. Pretty diverting. I don't know how much chemistry Jason and Alcide have in the show. I like my romantic pairings to have chemistry, it enhances the eroticism.


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