Thursday, August 01, 2013

An RC liberal wake up?

When does our hope for Francis become denial? | National Catholic Reporter:

At least one Catholic liberal is waking up to the facts. Pope Francis is a different style than Benedict...or lots of others in the lineage...but he's pretty damn orthodox. Which is kinda what the job description calls for. I see him as an attention-hungry and imprudent blabbermouth, (aka, an extravert feeling type) but he's a very Roman Catholic.

Catholics are not very End-Time oriented. No Left Behind interests, unless the Virgin Mary appears to peasant children with secrets and threats. After waiting around for 2000 years for Jesus to return in glory, they figure, like the Orthodox, that that'll happen when it happens and they have other things to do in the meanwhile. They look down on apocalyptic groups who are always expecting The Rapture or some such silly thing. And especially on groups who have a timetable. Which, of course, is always wrong, but which seems often to increase the believers' faith rather than end it.

But liberal Catholics are very much like these guys. At every papal election they are always waiting for John XXIII to return in glory. At least their cartoon version of him. And he never does. Or will. Always let down. Pope Francis is now the object of their frantic projections, hoping in their hearts that it would be he who would redeem the Church from its sinful structures. But, hey, kids. As this lesbian is telling you, he's cool on the outside --if you like that kinda guy-- but on the inside he's just as heteronormative and patriarchal as the rest.

The other funny thing is the leftist habit of fixing all their hopes on The Great Man. For a group of egalitarian populists, they sure do love their Kings.

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Anonymous said...

I've resigned myself to the fact that, save for divine revelation from God, the Catholic Church will never accept homosexuality. I am not sure what my reaction would be if they did. While part of me would certainly be happy that I could get what I want (but what is that? Justification? If so, I am a sad man). But part of me would be disappointed, oddly enough.

Amusingly, I liked Benedict far more than I like Francis. I could accept Francis if he was just Cardinal Bergoglio, but as pope, Papa Francesco just isn't doing it for me. Strange that so many progressive Catholics (cough, heretics, cough) think he is "the One." Perhaps because he is a citizen of Latin America, and not the West? Whatever the case, I predict that their disappointment will drive progressives to hate Francis more than they hated Benedict.


DrAndroSF said...

As I've written often here, I don't see how Catholicism could make homosexual acts OK without undoing its whole sexual morality, which is based like an inverted pyramid on the axiom that the only sexual intercourse which fulfills the divine and natural law is marital intercourse open to procreation. Any exceptions would eventually unravel the whole thing. And why would they do that?

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