Monday, April 08, 2013

The race against privilege

One of my thoughts about White Privilege is that if we really had it, no one would have the nerve to accuse us of having it.

And if they did, we wouldn't take them seriously. To do that would make us The Most Foolish People On The Planet©.

 Good question.

The existence of this idea, its acceptance as a legitimate issue* and its increasing institutionalization is a primary sign that Whites are in fact Without Status. (And White men particularly, since we carry the sin of Male Privilege, too.)  Consider the very useful Voltaire's Razor:
"To discover who your real masters are,
discover who you are not allowed to criticize."
Our rapidly decaying appearance of dominance is merely an accidental, illusory and temporary condition, like an imposing mansion full of termites. Or better, like the wealth of an unloved and dying old uncle. Sam, in this case. The greedy and resentful heirs are just crowding around the bed, waiting for the last gasp.

A young Leukophore from the (ironically named by me) very Dark Side:
According to “white privilege,” just about any racial achievement gap is held to be the result of unearned benefits which whites enjoy. Even supposedly “anti-racist” actions by whites, like professing “colorblindness,” is actually just more proof of how “privileged” they really are. Just as kulaks under Stalin, whites are guilty for who they are, not what they do, and there is no appeal. 
Of course, on a deeper level, the System that rules us is not inconsistent. It is has a simple, stark logic that underlies every policy: whites are uniquely guilty and depraved, and must be destroyed as a people.
Smart young fella, he agrees with Ex Cathedra about the whole notion of group privilege**:

White privilege is unearned? Of course it is. That’s the point of having a country – a place of your own, a birthright, a place where you belong, where your people can be secure, where you can build a society that is worthy of the best of your people.
His intemperate ravings here.
*This is one of those discussions that, once entered into, are a dead end. They are not discussions, merely legal proceedings with a prescribed ending. Like "racism", "privilege" is nothing more than a rhetorical assault weapon against The Race That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

**For example, think of all the unearned moral standing contemporary Blacks are given because of what happened to their remote ancestors. And the vast network of excuses and blaming that prevents  and forbids anyone in polite society from holding them responsible for their own dysfunctions and failures. If that "unearned benefit" ain't Black Privilege, I don't know what is.

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