Thursday, April 25, 2013


How often do I see the same themes and memes in movies? Even if the star is a White guy, the only cripplingly conflicted or foolishly incompetent characters are White men. We have the spunky and fearless anti-authority and lethal Black or Latin babe. The grimly determined no nonsense Black guy. And here, the conflicted White guy lead gives up his leadership role to the Asian guy. And the Black guy threateningly lectures a cowardly White guy, in Ebonics and in the presence of an admiring blonde White woman, on how to be brave. The the sassy Latin girls bravely saves the stupid and immobilized White guy. It goes on and on.

Instead of propaganda in the form of Socialist Realism, we have Liberal Unreality teaching us the way the world is ought to be and what our place in it should be. And when we notice, or say, that that is not how the world really is, suddenly we're the ones with the problem.

Maybe some day we'll develop our own Solzhenitzyn.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, The Walking Dead? I thought it had some conservative moments (seemingly benign leader confiscating weapons to solidify his power, anyone?) But yes, the katana-wielding black woman seemed rather, "I'm a sassy badass black woman, ain't I awesome?"

Anonymous said...

P.S. Your comment on Solzhenitzyn reminded me of my sister. She's working on a rather epic Star Wars fanfic that casts the philosophy of the Dark Side as being a thinly veiled satire on communism! And the Jedi are conservatarian crusaders!


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