Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bad memory

Ordered Liberty » The ‘Public Safety’ Follies:

He complains that "the Gitmo bar", the lefty lawyers who rushed to give pro bono defense support for the Gitmo detainees, has been too influential in making policy.

I had to work with a very generous donor to my old workplace, who told me one day with great pride, and the attitude of one who'd assume I shared this attitude, that a lawyer friend was flying down to Gitmo to provide this legal service to the prisoners. As if that were the coolest thing.

I had to use my suppression and repression skills --which are better than I'd like-- to make believe it had not happened.

Too many of those folks, very well off and successful, gained moral capital in each others' eyes by their default assumption of American blame and inferiority.

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Anonymous said...

Ex, I know this isn't about the article, but I think you need to hear about this. Ace of Spades went on a tirade about a teacher who forced two middle-school girls to kiss each other in front of their class as part of an "anti-bullying" workshop that parents were not told about. He wrote that if liberals won't let him let gay people live their lives and let people be straight, if his only between being for gay rights and getting abominable stuff like this or adopting an ugly anti-gay stance, he would choose the latter.

Jesus Christ. Feeding the disgust that I'm starting to think is 100% deserved. Talk about "gay recruitment." This is just setting kids up for confusion and pain. Making people despise us more. All I want is to live my life in peace and quiet, and not bother anybody overmuch, and support the man I love. This is the opposite of helping. And the scary thing is, I agree with Ace of Spades. I would rather be publicly closeted and have to keep quiet than this s**t being done in my name. God help us.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

When the victim' self-righteousness gets to a certain level, s/he becomes a tyrant and feels totally justified about it. Happens all the time. Ugly, though. I agree.

And it seems to me that the more social acceptance is gained, the more the desire for power and vengeance and the creation of ever new grounds for outrage. You see it with Blacks. Gays no exception.

Anonymous said...

These people could really use a reminder from Nietzsche. "Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one." Will there come a day when they will look in the mirror and see that they are as bad if not worse than the people they opposed?

Lacrimosa dies illa...


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