Friday, April 19, 2013

MSM fun

I no longer watch TV. Since November 2011. All my info comes via internet. So hooking up to the MSM news to find out what's happening with the Boston bombing is a bit of a shock.

NBC news has Brian Williams chatting with some "expert" about the situation around the two Muslim Chechen brothers who are apparently the perpetrators. The older one spent 6 months back in Russia last year. And his YouTube page is full of Islamic videos about jihad.

Mr Wilson and friend tell us that so far, the bombers' motivation remains unknown.



Unknown said...

Question, since you are a therapist or something.

(About the marathon bombers) Given everything that i've seen and know, I think that it was the older brother who was the brains the main motivator and the younger brother was just kind of sucked in and following his older brother.

My question is, do you think this is a legitimate "intuition" (for lack of a better word), or is it just that I find him kind of cute/adorable/sweet (in some pictures) and thus I am just trying to minimize his guilt somewhat without realizing it? Like 500 years ago, they used to think that someone's facial features could be predictors of someone's disposition. Is that irrational "racism/looks-ism" or is there something a bit more real to it?

Anonymous said...

So glad they captured the younger brother. But according to David Sirota, that means I have no soul, and he was lamenting that people were not presuming him innocent. Duh, he's on video with the bomb, moron!

I'm inclined to agree with Advocatus. The fact that the older brother had a bomb vest on, and not the brother, suggests to me that the older was the point man, and the brother was dragged into this. It does not excuse his actions, he's well over the age of reason, but it does seem like Older was manipulating Younger.

Will be fascinating to hear what he has to say when they start interrogating him. He wasn't read Miranda Rights, so gloves are off now. And kudos to Lindsay Graham for wanting him tried as an enemy combatant.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

I think it's likely that the older brother dominated the younger. Hardly an original scenario or one that requires special training to suspect.

As for the younger's culpability, he's a legal adult.

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