Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moral panic

One of the age-old insights that Jung re-packaged for our times is the relative constancy of human nature. whether you are a New Guinea aboriginal or a Manhattan sophisticate. His psychological interpretation of UFO sightings in the 50's linked them to a long tradition of visionary visitations in times of societal crisis. Didn't we just live through the Mayan calendar issue, about which even Hollywood movies were made? We live in a Liberal world where human nature is considered to be a malleable social construct* and therefore the proper concern of the therapeutic managerial State. We can become whatever we (in the person of the Liberal State and Culture) wish us to be. Jung reminds us of what all the other non-insane people in history knew: there is indeed a nature to man, largely irrational, and it remains constant underneath the surface changes.

Salem Witch Hysteria

Moral panics are a part of human nature. We are used to thinking of them as being about sex, (remember the Satanic child sex abuse rings that no one could ever find?) or, in less "enlightened" societies, witchcraft,  but they can be about anything.

Liberal Gun Hysteria

Like guns.

Ms. Bookworm makes a telling point: Children are murdered by guns all year long, but "what the white liberals ignore until there’s a Columbine or Sandy Hook that makes them feel vulnerable " are the legions of Black kids who die by bullet. Details are farther down in her article, below the picture of the masked gangsta. Many, many more Black kids die each year --even each month-- than were killed in that school.

A moral panic arises when there is a perceived threat to the social order. But the social order takes it for granted that Blacks will shoot each other. No one will say that publicly, but everyone knows it. We have the little corner memorials, with candles and teddy bears, the weeping Black mother on the local news, the outraged Black preacher with the ritual call for peace, but we all know that this is indeed a part of the order of their society. It's only when Whites, or White children now, are killed in a hail of gunfire by Whites that "the social order" is threatened.

The current moral panic about guns is a White moral panic. And even though the MSM is functionally anti-White most of the time, here's an event which lets their true colors show. (Although the results of their agenda would be only to disarm Whites.)  And the Whites who are most in a panic to disarm the country are the very same ones who will cry "Racist!" any time someone refuses to worship their Lord and Savior, Barack Obama, whose Black brethren and sistern, all those little Trayvons, kill each other all the time.

Remove all the guns is no different from Burn all the witches.


*There are exceptions, of course. You can change your sex, but you can't change your race. We now have Mr. Chaz Bono, but even though, by the time he died, Michael Jackson had turned himself into some kind of a spectral White woman, his Black community embraced him as one of their own.

Which reminds me. You can change your race. If you're Black and a Republican, you lose your status.


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