Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sensible pontification

for once.

One of the Catholic bishops of England reminds the current PM about the foundations of his drive no longer to "exclude" same-sex partners from the institution of marriage, a crime against "equality for all."*
I wish respectfully to point out that behind what you say lurks a basic philosophical misconception about the nature of 'equality.' Equality can never be an absolute value, only a derivative and relative value.
Tis rare I find myself agreeing with bishops, but here I do.

The ideological elevation of equality to an absolute value, a societal fetish and obsession, and the highest of values is, well, ludicrous. But most people remain utterly entranced by it. And a trance it is.

*The Brits passed a wide ranging Equalities Act and even have a Minister for Equalities. She --and it only makes sense for it to be a she-- will one day be the great ancestress of Diana Moon Gampers (see the right column of Ex Cathedra, partway down, under Vonnegut's Prophecy)


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