Monday, December 10, 2012

Cues on IQs

PR Guru Behind Fake Fox News "Study" Speaks Up:

Huffington Post outlines why a "four-year study" showing that Fox News watchers
have an average IQ of 80 is false. Conservative PJ Media discovered the same thing.
Weird and odd from the get-go. A PR stunt by moderate Republicans to
discredit the Tea Party?

But the HuffPo guy does finish up by saying that people should be skeptical when things sound
"too good to be true."

Funny how IQ is so irrelevant to liberals, (or when it comes to race, evil and fascist even to mention)
except when it means keeping some murderer from a lethal injection or wanting to dismiss your political enemies as morons.

I could offer him some consolation. The average IQ of American Blacks is 85.


PS. Reactions to the intersection of race and IQ are fun to watch. No liberal loses a single minute of sleep over studies that consistently show north Asian IQs 6 points higher than Whites, or Jewish IQs even higher than that.  Inequality between Asians and Whites or Jews and Gentile Whites is just a fact. No problem. But the 15 point gap between Blacks and Whites makes them crazy.You can feel the hidden panic and watch all the dancing and posturing and nuancing. It threatens a basic article of faith of the Church of Liberalism. It's quite a show.

PPS. Fascinating. Google is at it again. When I entered "American Blacks average IQ", the stories that came up on the first page were about the Fox IQ affair and a bunch is form questions about why American Whites do "so badly" on IQ tests. I changed it to "IQ studies by race"...and got the same stuff! Google, child of The Great Soviet Encyclopedia. American Whites, btw, have an average IQ of around 100. Which is average.

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