Friday, December 21, 2012

Another shock

The internet is agog with outrage today that that Pope Benedict thinks gay marriage is a bad idea.

Hooda thunkit?

Like his speech to the same audience a few years ago, his annual "State of the Church" address to the Roman Curia talked about kinds of human self-invention that go beyond the bounds of nature, the sexual* nominalism that tells us we can be whatever the hell we want. No limits.

Catholicism, considers homosexuality one of these phenomena, and genderless** marriage another. Although it will be the same-sex marriage and LGBTQ types, like that Hetaira of the West, Lady Gaga, yelling the loudest at the unbelievable idea of the Pope of Rome disagreeing with them, I suspect the real background ideology is feminism.

After all, he attacks Simone de Beauvoir by name.

It is feminism which, in service of increased female power against and over men --and only that-- has declared gender both THE most important issue in the world AND a completely fraudulent social construct of oppression.

Without that groundwork, the LGBTQ thingy and gay marriage could not have gotten off the ground.

Just as, I suspect, without the moral outrage-based fuel of Martin Luther King, Betty Friedan would have stayed at home in her suburban gulag.

*As far as sex and gender go, anything goes. But when it comes to race, the iron law of fate and radical givenness obtain. You can go from male to female, but if you're Black or Brown or White, that is an immoveable identity. Even to think of switching is a horror of the first magnitude, dude.

**I call it genderless marriage because the fundamental argument behind same-sex marriage is that the gender, or the sex, if you will, of the spouses is irrelevant. Of no importance. Hence, gender-less.

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