Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sex in Church

Aside from all the sociological and biological stuff about sex differences, there is the issue of Christianity itself. In Ex Cathedra's opinion, Christianity contains a powerful dose of femininity which, if not overtly anti-masculine, is certainly very ambivalent about the typical exercise of male passions. Take the Sermon on the Mount. Male resistance to church-going is a theological issue, too. And that I have seen neither side deal with much.

The Atlantic article mentions something I have thought female ordination but seen mentioned nowhere: that such females take on the clothing of males.
There isn't really an archetype in either Christianity or Judaism of a "priestess"—a strong, authoritative, but very female leader. So I think the women who take on those roles sometimes seem to people like they're trying to be men—like they're lesser versions of the male archetypes. Almost, like I said to you earlier in the kitchen, like they're cross-dressing—playing a part in a play that's written for a male actor. 
Yes, I definitely hear that. Even the clothes that female pastors wear in Christianity often look like identical versions of the male pastors' clothes, and it does have a strange visual effect.

It both (unconvincingly) masculinizes the girls and then, far worse, de-genders the men with the assumption that their vestments can just as well be worn by females. No one expects a female mayor or prime minister to dress in a suit and tie, but ordained females just put on the boys' clothes. Bad for both parties.

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