Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Battles and wars

The folks over at GayPatriot, the gay Republican blog, are all crowing about Republican female Sikh Governor appointing Republican Black Senator from the Old Confederacy. Zzzz.

How liberal.

First off, Ex Cathedra has decided that the post-60's American obsession with Minorities of all kinds is a pathology. A White pathology, to be specific. One driven by Liberals and bought into by conservatives. Question this unquestionable piety and you become John Derbyshire.

Worship and appeasement of Sacred Victim Minorities is the coin of the contemporary moral realm, the gold standard of ethical probity in the Church of Liberalism. The other side of this coin, however, is that The White Majority is utterly bereft of moral standing, the Damoclean Sword of Racism hanging over our pale heads. Every hurrah for a minority "advance" provides tacit support to the underlying doctrine of our own racial worthlessness, requiring endless reparation, absolution nowhere in sight.

And it makes no difference if all sorts of minoritarian types show up in the Republican party. Drag our your Jindals and your Wests and your Condoleezas and your Nikki Randhawa Haleys all day long. The Republican Party is the White Party.

A majority of Whites vote Republican. No other group does that. 90% of Romney's votes came from Whites.

So getting all frissoned about a Black senator, etc.  Total waste of time.


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