Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have, in my more paranoid moments, thought of the incumbent in the White House and his Pelosi-Reid cohorts as a part of the 1980's series, V. That stood for The Visitors: voracious and evil aliens who masqueraded as helpful visitors and hoodwinked most of the population.


(By the way, one of my favorite movies is Mars Attacks, which I look on as an unintentional parody of liberal multiculturalism. Turns out that the crazy militarist general is right! And what saves the planet? White trash grandma's country music.)  

I'm not the only one who suspected he was an alien (regardless of what his sorta birth certificate says.) After all, SF Chronicle columnist Mark Morford* (who still has a job), saw him as a more than merely human Lightworker. Howzat werkin for ya now, Marky?

But I have racheted down my paranoia as I watch his embarrassing and serial rookie ineptness. Our affirmative action President. Surely any alien race advanced enough to travel through space and mimic a terrestrial form would be smart enough to be more than a diffident windbag.


*Like so many progressive spiritual types, he harbors a real dislike of his own species. In a recent column whining in purple prose about the vile movies we are offered, he imagines one of his own: "How about a movie where the aliens wipe out our petulant species in, say, 10 minutes flat, re-colonize Earth and make it green and fiery and interesting again?"  Or this: "How about if said god-infused human instead decides to, oh I don't know, reinvent the cosmos on a single exhale, flip the transcendental channel, put the dolphins back in charge and sends puny warmongering humanity to the subconscious catacombs as we all cartwheel like ecstatic clouds into the ether? Can anyone film that?"

Now I am no romantic about the human species, but by comparison with this stuff, I am a veritable Unitarian Universalist.

And I thank him for alerting me to the upcoming summer flick Captain America. starring Chris Evans as "a glossy dumb-as-rocks slab of muscle-bound kill-'em-all Republican wet dream war machine! All vengeance!"

Sounds cool.


Anonymous said...

I love /Mars Attacks/ for it's visual whackiness, and it's mocking of the "advanced aliens surely must be peaceful" theme. And a highpoint is when the White Dove O' Peace is misinterpreted.

A notion I have -- whether we should expect typical alien life "out there" to be hostile to us or not, it seems that those who would be hostile (even if fortunately rare) would be the most likely to /bother/ to cross interstellar space. And be able to generate the necessary funding.

Do you have have any impressions of /Chronicles of Riddick/? Includes planet-conquering religious cultists.


Leah said...

Hey, me too! Love Mars Attacks - now that is a great movie.
Meanwhile, it's the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier that will bring the most help to Japan.

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